IL State Senator Dan Kotowski Thinks Guns are Unregulated

This is what the corrupt Chicago machine has to say about us:

Kotowski, a Democrat, called firearms the last unregulated product in the United States.

“It is about time that somebody stands up to the bully that is the gun industry,” Kotowski said to reporters after the hearing.

Really? What other product do you need to submit to an FBI background check to purchase? Need a federal license to manufacture and deal in? Require a sworn statement be made to the feds? Require forms? What other product (in IL) do you need a license to own and keep in your home? What other product do we outright forbid to certain classes of people? (Even registered sex offenders can get an Internet connection, typically). What other product is it illegal for me to sell to someone in another state? To transport incorrectly? What other product is a felony for me to give to a child? I’m not saying all these laws are unconstitutional, but it’s regulation. The idea that firearms are some kind of unregulated free for all is a wild-eyed fabrication. I don’t think you are dense, Senator Kotowski, I think you know if people believe gun ownership is a wild free-for-all, they are more willing, in that ignorance, to think more gun control is a good idea.

And you’re not standing up to the gun industry, Senator Kotowski, you’re standing up to this. You’re not a hero, sir, standing up to some faceless industry, you’re a scoundrel, intent on infringing on the rights of millions of fellow Illinoisans.

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  1. Alcohol? (well, for most of your list). I’m just saying that that may not be the best argument. There are many things that society considers inherently dangerous that they regulate. Of course, they don’t all have Constitutional protection.

    1. And I don’t think anyone suggesting alcohol was unregulated would get any serious treatment on the subject from the media. It would be laughed at as a quaint notion from another age.

      1. I think you’d find a remarkably large number of “journalists” who would agree that alcohol is unregulated. First, “journalists” are mostly idiots. Second, you can buy it in your local grocery store with just an ID check — AND you can produce it in your home without any regulation.

        1. Keep in mind us Pennsylvanians are rather backward when it comes to alcohol sales. Among the worst in the country if I’m not mistaken.

  2. People in Illinois have rights? I thought they were just livestock for the Chicago machine to harvest.

  3. Not 100% sure, but I think if you are running a prison and selling prisoner labor, that the federal government has forms, sworn statements, and audits. It’s probably legal to rent prison labor to kids in some states (looking at you Massachusetts, home of the weekend furlough for murderers program).

    Narcotic prescriptions and anabolic steroids have lots of paperwork and hoops; might be comparable.

  4. Here is the letter I sent to the people who represent me, as a landowner, in Illinois:

    Senator LaHood and Representative Leitch,

    My family has been a part of Illinois since just after it was made a state. My Great-great-great Grandfather, Captain William Haws served in the Black Hawk Indian War and was a Captain the same time as a more well known soldier, Abraham Lincoln. My family has been defending Illinois for a long time.

    Even though the estates of Capt Haws are no longer part of the family, we still own and operate the family farm, a forty acre plot, west of Trivoli in Peoria County.

    I am writing you today to ask you to vote against the bills that are coming out of committee that are attempting to ban some types of firearms and magazines. Legislation like this has never been shown to reduce crime, and are only punitive to the law abiding firearm owners of the state of Illinois. This legislation is not going to make Illinois safer. Please take the time to rally support against these bills from both sides of the aisle.

    I appreciate your service to our State, and thank you for your consideration of my letter.


    Matthew J. Rogers II

    I am at work, so an email will have to suffice, for now….


  5. UNREGULATED?!?!?!
    I cannot think of any “Right” that is more highly restricted!
    It’s regulated, taxed, and outright banned in many places! Altho it’s supposed to “not be infringed”, what a joke.

  6. Kotowski is an absolute moron when it comes to firearms. He’s the one that was caught lying to legislature on .50 cal rifles, attached an anti-gun bill to a bill labeled to reduce the sexual exploitation of children, and ban rifles chambered in .17WMR as ‘military style assault weapons’.

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