Spitzer’s Gun Control

Michael Bane warns us of an idea by Eliot Spitzer, to regulate the firearms industry by using the government’s buying power.  The reason it won’t work is that civilians buy more guns than the government does, so the industry would be unlikely to accept regulation in exchange for government contracts.

Sure, some of the big government contractors, like Colt, might cave.  But it’s basic economics, so let me put this in terms I think the Governor could easily understand.  If all the governors and former governors got together, and decided they would only accept services from the most classy and beautiful high priced hookers, you wouldn’t expect that to eliminate the market for more lowly street walkers. The demand is there.  Someone will meet it.

5 thoughts on “Spitzer’s Gun Control”

  1. I am more worried about the feds buying up large amounts of ammo to keep prices from coming down.

  2. I wonder if any of the mfrs would be quick to do a deal — all you have to do is whisper “Smith & Wesson.”

  3. I’ve found that there is a great amount of interest in firearms and I am trying to cater to that on Huntfish.net. I’ve owned rifles, pistols and shotguns since I was a teenager, after my father as well as the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department taught me gun safety. I’ve not shot anyone but more and more criminal activity is common in our area. I would not hesitate to use any means to defend our family and farm. I certainly don’t mind practicing with a pistol or rifle on the farm when I think there is a criminal element nearby. I call it prevention.

    The world needs more education about guns and gun safety. It’s the people that know little about guns that are dangerous. When they do pick up a gun, they wave it around like a stick, which makes me cringe horribly at the site of the lack of respect for the power of firearms.

    If the government wants to outlaw guns, they should be the first to give them up.

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