Don’t Think Gun Bans Are Limited to Extreme Anti-Gun States

The chair of the Iowa House Democratic Rural Caucus is proposing a ban on every single semi-automatic firearm in the entire state of Iowa. No, I don’t mean that he’s mistakenly sweeping too much up in a so-called assault weapons ban, he told the press that he means “the semi-automatics and all of them.” (emphasis added)

If you think that you’re safe just because you got yours, well, think again. While I know that Iowa isn’t a solid red state or one where we haven’t had some fights on gun issues before, it’s hardly the state you think of when it comes to implementing Sen. Feinstein’s dream of “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in,” yet that’s what the head of the rural caucus wants to do. He tells the press that he wants a full-scale confiscation effort on every single semi-automatic firearm.

Rep. Dan Muhlbauer says that he’s not afraid of Iowa’s gun owners and what they might try to do to him politically. He even says he’s willing to risk an election on his plan. I would suggest that gun owners in and around his district get on the task of recruiting a candidate to send him back to his farm with his two .22s and .410 shotgun that he considers to be all of the firepower Iowans could ever need or want.

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  1. Seeing as how Iowa was the second to last state to pass shall issue (effective Jan 2011, only followed by Wisconsin in November of that year), I can’t see how the state can be considered more than vaguely pro-gun.

    And they keep sending Tom Harkin to the Senate, since 1985. There aren’t all that many Congresscritters to his left.

    1. They also have Congressmen who are A and A+ rated by NRA, half of their delegation. They aren’t deep blue, nor are they red. They have struggled to make improvements to their gun laws, that’s been covered here before. But they don’t exactly have the reputation for Massachusetts-style gun control, either.

      One of the reasons that Iowa took so long to go shall issue is because most of the counties there were issuing permits to most people. It wasn’t a New Jersey-style may issue state. Even with a state where we’ve only had some struggles to really improve the laws, the folks outside of urban areas are talking confiscation. While you might dismiss that as nothing new, many gun owners don’t realize just what kind of assault our rights are under.

    2. Iowa was late on concealed carry for the same reason Delaware is still may-issue. A lot of Iowa counties issued fairly, and to get a concealed carry bill passed that was shall-issue, some things were going to change. Delaware currently has few restrictions on places you can carry. Would that hold in a push for shall-issue? Will people who currently have permits there be OK with some new, added restrictions if it means the whole state is shall-issue? Many will, but it complicates things.

      Alabama is technically may-issue as well, but has long done it fairly. The states with restrictive but not awfully restrictive carry laws are harder to change than states with more severe restrictions.

  2. So this is the how they “don’t want to take our guns”? And he shoots sheet with a 410, either he’s really good or a lier.

  3. We have a +2 Democrat senate- all pro-gun bills go there to die. We have Shall Issue because the last Democrat governor was trying to look butch on gun rights in ’10.
    And Dan Muhlbauer is a putz. We are the state that loves us some Don Kaul, too. Dan is just the version of Don that actually has the power to have you arrested for owning guns.

  4. So he wants every Iowan with self-loading shotgun or a Remington 750 or a 10/22 or Mini-14 (let alone the Scary Black Rifles) to vote against him for being a damned idiot?

    Sounds good to me.

    (Yeah, I’m sure that Remington 11-87 is “not a hunting weapon”, Mr. Muhlbauer.

    That’s why it comes in camo, specifically rigged out for waterfowl, turkey, or deer. Because it’s a horrible murder machine designed only to slaughter children.

    Damned idiot, I repeat.)

    1. Haven’t you heard? The Mini-14 is an “assault rifle” despite its lack of any of the features that supposedly define the class.

  5. Why do I suspect the members of the “Iowa Democrat Rural Caucus” have spent all of five minutes of their lives outside of air conditioned buildings?

  6. Has anyone went to their local Wal-Mart or any other place that sells ammutition? They are almost all sold out of any type of ammutition that could and might fit into any of the types of “assault style rifles” that are being made today. From .17 all the way up to .223, .243, 7.62×54, 7.62×39 etc. I don’t really think people are taking too well to these gun ban issues. They are stocking up.

    Has anyone looked lately at any or all of the online retailers for high capacity magazines. They are ALL sold out. And if they are not. Then they are wanting 4x the original MSRP for them. And people are still buying them up. Again I don’t really think people are taking too well to these gun ban issues. They are stocking up.

    A simple little Ruger 10/22 can be outfitted with a scope rail, muzzle flash suppressor, composite folding stock with pistol grip and a 10 – 50 or so round magazine. Combine that with a “legal” Hellfire trigger system. And you have an assault rifle. So shouldn’t that bill include 22 rifles as well. And if so then looks like some of our states legal representatives will also have to give up their guns as well. Including those 22’s that they gave their children for Christmas or birthday presents. And that will break their child’s heart. Do you really think that is going to happen. I don’t think so. They will take away our guns and keep them for them selves to save face with their families while telling them “shhh don’t tell anyone we have these as they are now illegal to own”.

    Ya right. This bill is the most stupid thing to come out of our government officials mouth. Plus I would like to see them try and take away Ted Nugents guns away from him. He has enough personal defense weapons to arm a small strike force. And win.

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