7 thoughts on “Our Future?”

  1. Not to diminish the threat, but if you drill down past your link to its link it’s a poor article, has a time line that goes past 2007 but doesn’t mention the BBC article it links to was from 2005.

    I do remember knife restrictions being imposed, don’t remember when or how far they went.

    1. I can recall reading about a knife-ban recommendation being made by one authority or another in Britain at least five years ago.

  2. Some friends went to Britain a few years ago, maybe 5, and bought some of those sock daggers for their bagpiping costumes. They had to show their American passports and sign some damned registry because the dirks had points, or so they tell me they were told by the shopkeeper. I don’t know if it was England or Scotland.

    1. @ Felix: It was probably in Scotland where your friends bought their dirks. “Sgian-dubh” is the Gaelic name for this traditional part of the Scottish Highlander attire.

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