A Society Gone Mad

They are actually talking about banning kitchen knives in the United Kingdom.  I just don’t have any extra commentary.  I don’t even have a category for something this friggin insane.  Do they make a straightjacket that would fit around the entire Palace of Westminster?

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  1. I just posted about this topic, myself. They also want BB guns to be treated like firearms are here in the USA, and they let police decide what you can and can’t photograph. They have tomfoolery refined to an art over there.

  2. What kills me the most about things like this is that their arguments are the same as when they were banning guns. “Banning guns reduces gun related deaths”. They never comment on what impact it has on murder overall, because they’d have to admit that it’s a failed idea. When I read that article, the first thing I saw was this.

    “if long pointed knives had become less available, we would have seen fewer deaths from knife injuries”

    Not fewer deaths overall, just fewer from knives. I want a ban on stupid people.

  3. The United Kingdom has some real nincompoops in charge of things when it comes to how crime and criminals are dealt with in that country. Liberal ideology prevails over there when it comes to how many of their policies are set, and how their laws get drafted. (This is why the left-winger types here in America usually admire the Brits so much – it goes way beyond the reasons why old British television shows often get shown on PBS, trust me.)

    The Brits banned handguns back in 1996. They’ve been soft on crime for the longest time, too. Along with other extreme left-wing influences upon their society, such as in their schools, here is the end result:

    Today in the UK, the reality is that there are many defenseless Britons who now have to constantly live in fear of being harmed and/or killed by large gangs of drunken youths who carry knives and guns on the streets at night. With relative impunity, these roaming youth gangs can invade the homes of the innocent with no fear of their quarry even attempting to fight back. (Self-defense with weaponry is illegal in the United Kingdom, and the police in British cities typically take up to three hours to arrive if they are summoned in an emergency situation.)

    If these imbeciles in the British government do decide to ban long pointy knives, soon we’ll be seeing stories from the UK press about the burgeoning black market knife trade. If even prison inmates can make crude shivs, what’s to stop some enterprising gangsters in London from quickly and covertly making a whole bunch of knives to sell on the street for a quick profit?

  4. It’s not the royals that run things. It might be better than they have, The gov’t has been off it’s rockers for a long time.

  5. Who cares? It’s not like anyone cooks anything even remotely palatable there anyway.

  6. True. The British Isles are not known for their cuisine. Isn’t Irish cuisine basically sticking something vaguely edible into a pot and boiling it for 17 hours?

  7. This proposal, ban knives with points and over three inches of blade, has been in and out of Parliament at least since 2005. That includes table (steak) knives, not just kitchen knives. The proponents were forced to admit that certain actions need a pointed blade, but said a short knife could start the process which could then be completed using a longer-but-rounded-tip blade.

    Silly. And from one of the main proponents –
    Dr Beckett … says that long pointed knives will not always be replaced by similarly fatal weapons. He cites an unintended effect of the switch from coal gas to non-toxic North Sea gas: fewer suicides.

    Non-toxic? Hey, still lots more toxic than nitrogen, about which a skin-diver can tell you. And fewer suicides? Well, from cooking gas, but overall?

    OTOH, look out for this knife –
    *“Wasp” Knife*
    which is sold to skin-divers, among others…

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