Teachers Learning to Shoot

I was previously of the opinion that there wouldn’t be very many teachers interested in training with firearms, but apparently that may not be the case. And it’s not just Utah, apparently either. This is good news. The cultural indicators are very good for us, but remember that this President has a particular talent for ramming unpopular legislation down the throats of Americans who don’t want it. And why should he be wary? He got re-elected.

8 thoughts on “Teachers Learning to Shoot”

  1. Heck, even my mother, who teaches in Connecticut, and hasn’t shot a gun since she was a kid has said that if it were legal for her to carry, she thinks she should.

    Unfortunately, not being a resident of the state in which I am living, I cannot even start the process to apply to carry at work as a teacher.

    I can and will, however, offer free NRA courses to teachers.

  2. Teachers aren’t stupid, and jump in front of the bullets or shoot back is a no-brainer.

  3. Teachers have demonstrated that they are brave enough to jump in front of the bullets. I have to assume they would rather shoot back and survive the experience. They really are fierce in the defense of their kids. As are the administrators and support staff. There was an Assistant Principal in FL that walked up to a shooter and took his gun less that 4 hours before his retirement. He got away with it but I don’t want to put these brave people in this place.

  4. Very good news. The thing is, it doesn’t just have to be the teachers. There are plenty of staff, like me, who would and could carry.

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