Knife Preemption Introduced in Pennsylvania

The folks at Knife Rights have managed to get a bill introduced. The bill would also remove automatic knives from Pennsylvania’s list of prohibited offensive weapons. Knife preemption is something we badly need in Pennsylvania, especially for people who regularly travel into Philadelphia. I welcome this progress, even if it’s going to be a long road ahead to even get this bill a hearing.

2 thoughts on “Knife Preemption Introduced in Pennsylvania”

  1. I wish more states included the right to carry sheath knifes (or swords for that matter) as part of the CCL. Stupid I can carry a pistol but not a Bowie knife when the later is a better tool for some situations.

  2. It really is absurd that I instantly become a criminal just by crossing the border from Montgomery county to Philly with a Swiss Army knife in my pocket. And the 90 day *minimum* jail sentence is equally absurd. Philly police (really any police) should have to have some evidence that I am using a pocket knife in furtherance of a [real] crime before they can arrest me.

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