Report From the Nation’s Gun Show

The Code Pink protest pales in comparison. Record turnout. I just hope that all those people lined up for the show are writing their critters, because Warner is showing weakness, and is up in 2014. You can bet that the left and the White House have a plan for leaning on Congress, and we have to counter that.

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  1. I happened to stop at the McDs across the way from the expo center about an hour past opening time. Overheard a guy on the phone talking about posting pics of protesters on Facebook. I drove past the entrance, didn’t spot the protesters, but did see the line for admission just like in the Twitter pics.

  2. I was in that line two hours before doors opened and it was behind the Expo Center. The line doubled in length after that. Just before 3pm, the line was snaking behind the center and into the adjoining plaza. That shot in the post of the folks in front of Laser Adventure was the END of the line.

    Good fun all in all. Enjoyed a good back-and-forth with folks next to me in line. Nice thing about gun owners, we always have a common interest to discuss whether it be guns, politics, etc. Crowded inside and markups were unlike anything I’d seen. 5.56mm was $1 per round in case lots. Sold out within two hours. AR magazines marked up to $35 for 30 rounders. AK mags were hit or miss. Uppers flew off the racks from the three dealers that had them. I picked up one from Tony’s Customs and to their credit, they weren’t gouging. Busier than hell and quite harried but doing business. AR and AK rifles were massively marked up. Not sure how many were selling at those rates. Reloading supplies were similarly being picked clean.

    Nice time to be a milsurp collector. My other interests are largely unaffected by the panic. Still, the 2008 craziness was a leisurely stroll by comparison and I didn’t see the idiot Code Pink protesters at all. Wish I had. I would have enjoyed a little back-and-forth with them too. Pull out an AK or FAL magazine and see if they’d recoil like a demon from a crucifix. “The power of Kalishnikov compels you!”.


    I just watched NBC Today this morning and Jena Wolf reported (lied!) that “scores of gun-owners were met by scores of anti-gun protesters” at a Virginia gun show yesterday. “Scores?” NBC’s photo showed only 4 or 5 protesters! She showed no photos of the long lines of thousands of gun buyers at the event!

    This isn’t just blatant bias; it’s blatant LYING!

    Somebody has to expose these liars!!!!!

    Withe all due exasperation,

    – Arnie

    1. Arnie,

      The media doesn’t define “scores” to avoid having to tell the truth in this particular case it was like “score” times 200. (20 x 200). Just large numbers of “scores” of gun owners. That line was estimated to have 4000-5000 people in it and they stopped admittance to the Expo Center before the line finish because the building was at capacity.

      The liars of the media were exposed in the post Sebastian references. It is the only way we can. If people who want bans and limits on gun owners see that kind of power in line, it begins to affect the narrative. The only positive spin they get is “Look at all those dumb, stupid, panic-buying gun people buying stuff we’re going to take away from them!”.

      1. The trick here is to make sure the media doesn’t create a false perception in the politicians’ minds of the support for gun control. Probably won’t be difficult.

      2. You are right; Sebastian and other bloggers are exposing these big media liars; but, unfortunately, most liberals/neutrals don’t read these sites, and they are the ones most in need of this info. Hence, my frustration.


      1. And I suspect this is happening EVERYWHERE at EVERY gun show there is. We went to one in Springfield MO before the shooting in CT and it was so crowded I got claustrophobic.

  4. I went to Outdoor Gear Barn online and did as search for AR mags, just out of curiosity. Normally they might have over 1000 in stock of any variation. The search turned up 169 variations and EVER ONE WAS SOLD out except for TWO and those were 5 round capacity. Magpul and EVERY OTHER COMPANY sold out. And this is across the board. Midway, Cheaper than Dirt, Natchezz, Mid South, you name it, they are GONE. We have a civil war brewing people…

    1. Brownell’s been making headlines in how they sold 3 1/2 years of PMags in 72 hours (one wonders about their inventory turns, or maybe they have a close relationship with Magpul…). But they’re spending the money to up their own production of aluminum STANAG magazines and assure us more PMags are coming, in any color you like as long as it’s black ^_^.

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