Looking up in New Jersey

Chris Christie has been in a dead heat in the polls, but some newer ones show he might be retaking a lead. I think it’s going to depend on turnout in the Garden State, so lets hope turnout for our side is high next week. Aside from the gun issue, it’ll be important in putting the brakes on the Dem agenda in Congress to have them lose both NJ and VA.

6 thoughts on “Looking up in New Jersey”

  1. The third party candidate was taking more support from Christie than Corzine. With the election so close, those people may be switching back to Christie because he’s the only one with a chance of winning.

  2. I actually think Daggett was taking the votes of the people who couldn’t stand the thought of another Corzine term, but also can’t even contemplate voting for someone with an “R” after their name. I know several people in that category.

    I’ll be at the polls Tuesday morning, that is for sure!

  3. You’d be surprised at the number of NJ gun owner’s I’ve crossed paths with who are not voting for Christie.

    I try to tell them, but they say anti gun is anti gun with regards to Christie’s record.

  4. I don’t think Dagget’s driver did him any favors by leaving the pistol in the rental.

    And yes, as the race tightens, I believe less people are going to “send a message” and instead use their vote effectively.

    I was so very happy when the sample ballot showed up here – I had just seen the registration confirmation card I had forgotten to mail… I think I must have filed a different one

  5. I saw Christie on Sean Hannity’s FOX show the other night, he sounded pretty anti-gun and generally ignorant about how effective gun control is.

  6. Christie is the best of what’s left for the 2A in Jersey. Staying home isn’t an option.

    I expect Christie to know when to fold them once McDonald is decided and the follow-up suits are filed. I don’t expect that of Daggett or Corzine

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