Entry Into 2014 Guv Race

John Hanger seems to be hanging his name out there. I know nothing about his record on the topic of this blog, but as a former Rendell Administration official, I am not terribly optimistic. Pennsylvania has a long and strong tradition of pro-2A Democrats, but from where I sit they are quickly becoming an endangered species. Given Corbett’s weakness, with low approval ratings, we need to keep a close eye on the Democratic field.

8 thoughts on “Entry Into 2014 Guv Race”

  1. I’m a registered democrat for just that reason. The primary might as well be the general election from where I sit, so it’s better to pick the better democrat than the unelectable in any event Republican.

  2. First, I will second in spades your admonition to keep an eye on emerging candidates, especially, checking their backgrounds for suspicious agendas.

    I just have to wonder why you would think that is not equally true (sometimes, more so) for Republicans, who know that all they need do is mutter “Second Amendment. . .enforce existing laws. . .” and we’ll follow them anywhere.

    1. Because Tom Corbett is the presumptive candidate for 2014, unless he gets a primary challenge, in which case the same advice would apply.

      1. OK, understood. You’ll just find that the free ride we give Republicans (especially in PA) is a constant theme with me. :-)

        I obviously haven’t had much time to look, yet, but anyone who would like to do a little research might want to find what statements Hanger may have made regarding the subject of lead on shooting ranges, either private or Game Commission. Those might provide a hint.

        Taking a rare optimistic angle on things, I would note that I haven’t seen the state taking an aggressive approach (?), going after private shooting ranges on environmental issues, even though a lot of them really have their asses hanging out vis-a-vis current law.

  3. Our problem in both parties here in pa is that our gun clubs and state assemblies both are filled with people who say “Im a hunter, BUT….”

    Which translates into” I own a gun, and never believe that my particular interest will be targeted by the laws that I want to use to violate Article 21 of the Commonwealth constitution with.”

    And you know what folks, they aren’t all old and grizzled. many of them are young and have been raised by a combo of that old grizzled Fudd and the 6 oclock news.

    1. I don’t know about the young gun guys in your neck of the woods, but my brother and I have been the youngest guys I’ve seen at pro-gun rallies in Harrisburg for the last few years, and neither of us fit that mold.

      Hell, neither of us have ever gone hunting.

      1. Im going by the attitude of those around me at gun shows and at the polls this past November.

        We need to get more people our age at those rallies in H-burg (which the congress critters do pay attention to). Around Pittsburgh, there seems to be somewhat growing interest in firearms, but those interested couldn’t care less about the constant politics that surround them, and most dont know the minutia of the law that has and can be used on them (such as our transport laws).

  4. And the next gov race in PA is going to be littered with the teachers unions spreading hard the disinformation (aka, lies) about the current education budget.

    And until we can get a Governor who will actually control the State police upper crust as they should… don’t expect much change in PA, because they will fight it tooth, nail, and jail cell.

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