Poor Piers!

Turns out a lot of Americans don’t like being lectured to, and I’m not really sympathetic to Morgan’s whining. While deporting him was never going to be a serious policy proposal, it’s interesting the response to the petition. The article is even out of date; it says there are 45,000 signatures. As of right now, it’s pushing 75,000.

14 thoughts on “Poor Piers!”

  1. We like it even less from someone from Britain- you know that country that we fought a war that started after an attempted gun confiscation!

  2. What we should be doing it going after his advertisers. After all, he’s advocating taking away basic rights. If you use the SPLC definition of a hate group or hate speech, the gun grabbers fit that definition. Lets hit the brit in the wallet and watch how fast CNN pulls him from the air and sends him back to England. I hear there is an open investigation there into what he knew about the horrible phone hacking scandal.

  3. I don’t understand how someone who got fired for fabricating a story at his old job and had been relegated to being a reality show judge somehow became a noted “journalist” again. I could understand this happening in like 1985, before the Internet, but now? It’s like no one at CNN even googled his name to see why he might have fled across the pond and been spending time with Howie Mandel. I wonder if he prefers to do interviews with people he disagrees with remotely, so they can’t fly across the desk and pummel him. You don’t speak to someone the way he spoke to Larry Pratt without fear of getting smacked in the mouth and taught the lesson all bullies should eventually be taught.

  4. While the whole “lets deport him” vibe leaves a bad taste in my mouth I’m glad the spotlight is shining on his shoddy bully pulpit.

  5. So: as of now, 75,372 people who….want to use the power of government to hurt some foreigner who mouths a political opinion that they don’t like.

    1. Actually, Piers may have entered the U.S under a false pretense. A work visa does not mean you can do what ever you want. If you’ve entered the U.S. to try and harm the country you most certainly can be sent home. What Mr. Morgan is doing advocating against a clearly defined right and for violating the Constitution. As a guest, he first Amendment rights are very limited.

      How about if he entered the country with the purpose of advocating the corralling of all Black to be sent back to Africa?

      You remember when the U.K. denied Michael Savage entry to England over his radio commentary and books?

      1. As I understand it, the 1st amendment (or the any amendment for that matter) isn’t a grant of rights to a specific group (ie. citizens) but a limit on what the federal government can do. That’s what makes the document so powerful and unique. “The people” are all those governed.

        Again, as I understand it, as a non-citizen he has the same rights, in regards to the 1st amendment as green card holding residents or citizens. However, as a non-citizen he has been granted a visa under specific rules and laws.

        Verbally expressing, even advocating, for a thing (barring very specific exceptions) is not illegal and not grounds for deportation. We are not England. God help us when that happens.

      2. Advocating that the laws, or the Constitution be changed is not a crime. Indeed, it is necessarily protected by the 1st Amendment. After all, Article V of the Constitution provides a method for the Constitution to be amended. How is it to be amended if not by political advocacy?

        The fact that Morgan is an alien is irrelevant. Just as it would be if he wanted to purchase a gun.

    2. Nicely put. Bully and jackass he may be, but I’m not ready to entertain throwing the 1st amendment under the bus in defense of the 2nd.

  6. Piers Morgan was sacked at the Daily Mirror for faking photos of British soldiers torturing Iraqis. He is an arrogant, self-righteous, deliberately ignorant, boorish liar with no credibility.

    Keep him.

    He’s doing more damage to the gun control movement than we could ever hope to do.

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