NBC Could be in Real Trouble

Lots of hay has been made of David Gregory flashing a 30 round magazine, which is illegal in Washington DC in Wayne LaPierre’s face on Meet the Press. Apparently they contacted the DC police, which warned them it would be illegal. Apparently the DC police are investigating. I agree with Uncle… let NBC and Gregory suffer under the laws they advocate. Ultimately, making this magazines illegal means putting a lot of otherwise peaceful, law abiding people in federal prison. Let David Gregory be first.

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  1. What’s to investigate. It was broadcast on National TV for all to see. It will turn out to be the same with all laws. The elitist will get away with it claiming that it is for our own good. Laws don’t apply to those exalted few who are to lord over us and protect us from ourselves.

  2. As much as I would love to see David do the perp walk in one of those trendy orange suits, I believe the appropriate palms will be greased and he will remain as free as a bird.

  3. Agreed, I’m not holding my breath that anyone will be charged, much less jailed or fined.

  4. While my visceral reactions are identical to all those expressed above, perhaps the NRA (or other) position should be, “While we can’t help noting Gregory’s arrogance and hypocrisy, we do not want him to suffer from unconstitutional laws any more than we wish our members or any other American to. The NRA will be pleased to supply expert counsel for his defense, if he is charged.”

    1. I completely agree with Andy.

      This is either a right or it’s not.

      If it is, we need to stand and defend anyone prosecuted under this unjust law. Even fools like David Gregory.

      If it isn’t, let’s get down off the soapbox and start figuring out what kind of “reasonable” gun control we want to see.

      1. It’s a right, and in an ideal situation Gregory would have done nothing wrong. But there’s consequences to what Gregory advocates. He should feel the same heat he advocates for others. Maybe he will think. And I should note that I don’t expect for a minute anyone is going to face prosecution over this.

        Though Andy’s take on what NRA’s should do it interesting. That might be an good tactic.

        1. IMHO, Gregory had a 1st and 2nd amendment right to violate that law.

          The ideal resolution would be for NBC to be charged- and fight it in court on constitutional grounds. And hopefully win.

          But, NBC and the DC police don’t want that outcome. They’ll figure out a way to make this go away.

        2. I don’t know if this is the best analogy, but I think it would be very much like the Jewish ACLU attorneys defending the Skokie Nazis First Amendment right to hold their march. It would underscore and give credibility to the organization’s commitment to unswerving constitutional principles, rather than narrow affinity politics.

          (At this point, let’s not engage in a debate of the ACLU’s consistency regarding the rest of the Bill of Rights; their absoluteness on those amendments that they do choose to defend is worth emulating.)

  5. And when he doesn’t get charged/fined we then get a(nother) prime example of the discriminatory nature of enforcement when it comes to firearm laws.

  6. He needs to be charged, NBC execs named as co-conspirators, and use NBC’s money to get the law declared unconstitutional!

  7. +1 for Andy B. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the case to eliminate magazine bans was DC v Gregory. Still I would like a defendant who is more co-operative.

  8. As any rational human being can understand, the idea that banning aluminum boxes and springs will reduce crime is downright absurd. These are the laws that Gregory and others support, however, and they have their way with these laws in DC at least.

    Now … they are purportedly being held to the standards that they supported. I wonder if the silliness of these legal troubles (and albeit silly, are still legal troubles) will cause any of them to realize just how absurd these proposals really are?

    Boxes and springs. Ludicrous.

    1. Especially in a day and age when anyone with a couple grand and a computer can produce all sorts of aluminum boxes with springs and miscellaneous parts.

      In the long run, this country doesn’t tend to do well with prohibitions.

  9. Forget if I noted this before, but Holder’s gang will have to be the ones to charge him, whatever the D.C. police decide.

  10. DAvid Gregory’s journalistic misbehavior is but one of the reasons I’m calling for a ban on high-capacity magazines. No one has any legitimate need for a copy of Mother Jones or The New Republic with more than 10 pages.

  11. I’m more hoping that he appeals enough to get the law ruled unconstitutional under the “common use” protection.

  12. DC police would have to prove that it was a real normal capacity magazine. NBC’s lawyers will advise Gregory to keep his mouth shut and it will be impossible for the cops to prove that it wasn’t an airsoft mag or maybe some sort of replica. Only if Gregory attempts to talk his way out of this can anything really stick.

    1. I remember that Norinco (and other?) Chinese M-14s came with what appeared to be 20 round magazines but were actually blocked to 5 or 10 rounds. If the blocking post was removed, they held 20 rounds. To the best of my knowledge, those defied detection by simple external visual inspection.

    2. Prove? As in prove beyond reasonable doubt? As in reasonable? With only the evidence before the whole nation?

      Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

    3. Actually, Gregory quite explicitly stated it was a 30 round magazine.

      His contemperaneous statement is plenty of evidence that he possessed a 30 round magazine. Just as someone claiming they have cocaine for sale, but they throw it in the river so it is unrecoverable when the undercover narc pulls out his badge.

      In order to beat the rap (presuming that DC doesn;t dcide to give him royal immunity as a member of the Administration’s in-kind political action committee called the mainstream media), he would have to impeach his own statement, stating under oath that he lied, and then managing to convince judge and/or jury that he lied.

      Of course, they could offer him a plea deal — cop to the plea in exchange for a suspended sentance and his record cleared after a year or two on probation. That would allow DC to preserve the threadbare appearance that DC is a city under the rule of law rather than a personal fiefdom of the President.

  13. How can they even charge people with a vague thing like “Large capacity ammunition feeding device”?

    Looks to me like a standard capacity ammunition feeding device, held my an American citizen. He either needs to hang with the rest, or fight with the rest.

  14. I would support Mr. Gregory if he was exercising his right to bear arms, but he wasn’t. He was waving that magazine around to call for our right to bear arms to be infringed. He wants to send people to prison for possessing magazines? He can go himself. Hoist with his own petard.

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