To Shake their Salt in the Tyrant’s Face

A minor wordplay on Robert Churchill’s book. Bitter and I went up to Mordor New York tonight for dinner and a concert. Since King Bloomberg deems salt unfit for his subjects, I decided I needed to engage in a minor act of defiance:


In truth the food was fine without the salt, but it had to be done. I return to the Kingdom of Bloombergia in a couple of weeks, and it is my intent to smuggle in a Big Gulp. It’s interesting that I can’t order an Imperial Pint of Coke in New York, unless I ask them to put rum in it too, in which case it’s fine. I still await the day when I can carry a firearm through the streets of New York without Bloomberg or any other New York mayor being able to do a damned thing about it.

11 thoughts on “To Shake their Salt in the Tyrant’s Face”

  1. It’s a shame the mugs with the picatinny rails are so expensive, otherwise you could bring a high-capacity assault containers with a bayonet mount and a shoulder-thing-that-goes-up with you.

  2. Actually, you won’t need to smuggle in a Big Gulp. You can buy one legally.

    How is that possible, you ask? It’s simple: convenience stores are exempt from this latest Bloombergian tyranny.

    “Only establishments that receive inspection grades from the health department, including movie theaters and stadium concession stands, will be subject to the rules. Convenience stores, including 7-Eleven and its king-size Big Gulp drinks, would be exempt, along with vending machines and some newsstands.”

    Think of this idiotic law as the Assault Weapons Ban of draconian lifestyle regulations. The Big Gulp lacks a bayonet lug.

  3. And here I thought Mordor was just SouthWest portion of Lake Michigan.

    Keeping with the Tolkien theme, which one would be Dol Guldur?

  4. There is something very wrong with America when you can have a serious discussion about “you won’t need to smuggle in a Big Gulp. You can buy one legally.”.

  5. Gunnutmegger, let me see if I understand all I think I know. The prohibition concerning BigGulps, which was decreed to protect the chill-dren, does not apply to the establishments where these chill-dren would be most likely to buy them??

    1. Mr. Rickn8or?
      In a word… YUP.

      You see, Bloomberg, being a hopelessly corrupt parasite that no one in New York City has the guts to get rid of, is not screwing with peoples’ choices of carbonated beverages ‘for the sake of the children.’
      After all, kids don’t vote, do they?

      He’s doing it to impress the spineless masses into re-electing him for a fourth term of office. (He spent a load of bribe money just to get the right people to change a few laws so he could get elected a third time, didn’t he?).

      New Yorkers.
      No Guts. No Backbone. No Balls.
      No Damn Future Whatsoever.
      May they rot in their own corruption.

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