A Review of the Red Dawn Remake

I have not seen it, but Tactical Tupperware has, and liked it, suggesting it had better production values and was more polished than the original. I had not planned to go see it, but considering the movie is upsetting the right kind of people, perhaps I need to get to the theaters and support this kind of film.

7 thoughts on “A Review of the Red Dawn Remake”

  1. Yeah the previews look good, so I was curious what others thought. I definitely want to see it now.

  2. The should have replaced the Communists with a Federal Government Tyranny taking complete control and the people rising up to overthrow the socialist tyranny. They should have released that prior to the election.

  3. “While I like to look down my nose at such rubes just as much as the next guy …” – Jordan Hoffman, New York City (film-maker and critic)

    Classic superiority delusions from an uber-urbanized artist.

  4. I refuse to to see the movie, regardless of who it amy upset, due to their kowtowing to chinese blackmail to change the film.

  5. I was fortunate enough to see a screener.

    My basic thoughts:

    They kept some key points that fans will appreciate
    The transition to NK invaders can be seen by how they did the CG to cover the original Chinese
    WTF are these kids getting so many machine-guns?
    Nice demonstration that a Tec-9 sucks
    HOW THE HELL DOES THIS HAPPEN IN A NEIGHBORHOOD AND THE RESISTANCE NOT START IMMEDIATELY?! (AKA Seattle and the like are a bunch of wimps…. this could only happen in a gun free zone. try pulling this in WV)

    Good popcorn muncher.

  6. Getting fed up and dismayed by a number of crappy remakes of movies made in my lifetime, I had no intention of seeing this flick.

    But yeah, no matter if they did kowtow to Chinese interests, if this movie is provoking reactions like this from the intelligentsia elite, I think I’ll go.

  7. Has Hollywood run out of ideas for movies????

    So Many Remakes! Makes you wonder if they have used up all the good ideas……….

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