Your Moment of Duh

Brought to you by Heather in Alaska, who was having a conversation with some friends about the Colorado shooting, and discussed carry in movie theaters. This prompted the question: “Why would you need to bring a gun to a theater anyway?”

I think that particular question has rather answered itself.

2 thoughts on “Your Moment of Duh”

  1. I had the opposite conversation with my girlfriend (thankfully). I was going to see the new Batman movie with some friends, and my girlfriend wasn’t going, and kind of didn’t want me to go either. At first she hemmed and hawed, but then she finally admitted she was worried about copycat shootings. I told her I had some protection from that (my 1911) and she was like “Oh yeah. That makes me feel better.”

    I’m glad I have her.

  2. I’m with her.
    I doubt whether you could have done anything useful in that situation.
    Him in armor, smoke grenades, panicking crowd, dark room.

    A gun is just a gun, it shades the odds in your favor, but it doesn’t make you superman.

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