Bye Bye Blogads

Blogads had caused performance issues on the blog before, and today it was taking the blog down for periods of time, meaning it’s time to say goodbye to Blogads. Taking my blog down is not something I tolerate, and it was very seldom we sold an ad through them. When we did, my rate of return was less than it is with Google Adsense. So I have now just embedded the Google AdSense ads directly, instead of running them through BlogAds. Sorry if that was causing problems for you all today.

UPDATE: Seems it’s related to Hurricane Sandy. If your business is dependent on reliability 24/7, you really need to have redundant sites, so if one goes down you still have continuity.

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Blogads”

  1. Oh jeez, they went for one of those cheaper Zone A (most prone to flooding) sites. Building codes require most of the diesel to be stored in the basement (not unreasonable) and far too many of them weren’t prepared for their fuel pumps (to the generators up high in their buildings) to get flooded.

    Very lame.

  2. There’s a former missile silo that I have been dreaming of buying. I was thinking it would make an AMAZING DR site.

    The trouble is that it is in upstate New York.

    Communications and power might be issues, and then … New York.

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