Google Alerts Becoming Useless

I’m surprised, lately, by how much decent news Google passes by. It’s easy for anyone with an Internet site, who isn’t a traditional blog, to get categorized as news, even if the content they are producing is shit no one reads, or would want to read. The signal to noise ratio has become quite high.

6 thoughts on “Google Alerts Becoming Useless”

  1. Even with traditional media, the s/n has always been very high. The good part is now people can more easily find high s/n sources.

  2. Don’t you mean the signal-to-noise ratio is getting rather low? Logically, if its signal/noise, and noise increases while signal remains steady, the value of the ratio decreases…

  3. This does not parse. Are they skipping valuable news, or sending too much dross along with the gold? Or both? (And as others have indicated, you have SNR backwards).

    Total volume, the ratio of useful to useless, and the amount of overlooked useful news, are interrelated but distinct parameters.

  4. Google it’s self if pretty much useless since it sold out to the govt, unless you like reporting everything you are interested in to the govt that is.

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