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Apparently Alternative News Media in Idaho are run by a bunch of juvenile high school students.  At least that’s about the grade level this editorial is written on.  Actually, strike that.  That’s insulting to high school newspapers everywhere.

5 thoughts on “Reasoned EditorialsTM

  1. Ever notice how the number of people shot in the USA has been creeping upwards in these articles? 60,000? Do reporters or Supreme Court justices actually do research?

  2. Enh. I didn’t bother reading further than the first paragraph, where the author started posturing about how despite the manifest futility of it all, he was coming down from the mountain to try to talk sense into we benighted “gun nuts”. That was a sure sign that the rest of the editorial was going to be nothing more than ideological masturbation.

    A man who jerks off in public just wants attention. Why give him any?

  3. 60,000 is pretty close, roughly 80% of those shot recover,& with approx 12K killed a year, 60k would not be outstanding.
    With over 300,000,ooo people it’s really not that big a number

    Of course the real question is of the number shot, how many really needed to be shot? Chicago police did a study that 70% of homicide victims were felons. So of shootings that would cut the number of “decent people ” getting shot down to 18k, & those dying to what 3500-3600??

  4. Bill Cope is a long running joke, revered by some of the peace,love,dove,hemp crowd here in Boise. I read it this morning, thought about rebutting it on my blog, and decided not to, because he’s Bill Cope… ha,ha,ha,ha.

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