Bloomberg Looking to Avoid a Lawsuit

Apparently he went to New York City Council with a plan to cut gun permit fees to anywhere between $25 and $110 bucks. City Council says no.

“There’s no way I could vote on this. Since I’ve been in the council, we’ve voted on numerous bills where fees and fines were increased and it would send a strange message to New Yorkers that the one fine we look to reduce is the fee and fine to permit a gun,” Councilman Erik Dilan (D-Brooklyn), who did not attend the caucus, said.

Thank you, Erik Dilan, for calling it a “fine.” You’re making the inevitable multi-million dollar lawsuit against your city that much easier. Another fine council member notes wonders why they would get sued when the fee has been that high for years, as if length of time on the books has anything to do with a statutes constitutionality. What kind of screwed up place is New York City when Bloomberg is the pro-gun guy in this picture?

6 thoughts on “Bloomberg Looking to Avoid a Lawsuit”

  1. Could Alan Gura’s lawsuit in Westchester County feel just a little too close for Bloomberg’s comfort?

  2. Take anything Bloomberg says or does with a grain of salt.

    Oh wait, he is trying to ban that too…

  3. Always interesting to see champions of the poor and downtrodden creating barriers to exercising constitutional rights based on your income level. Bloomberg is exactly right in this case that they have several possible Constitutional challenges on their hands from both the 2nd and 14th Amendments (equal protection, etc.) The current fees are roughly equal to a week’s salary for someone making minimum wage, which is simply outrageous.

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