We’re Getting a New Firewall

After an upgrade failed to fix the problem with my router/Firewall/WiFi Access point, I have decided to order one of these to serve the blog. This will allow me to put the blog server on a DMZ nework, and handle all the VPNs I need to connect my network to our offices. The little Buffalo WAP unit does a fine job of servicing the blog and most other things, but I’m now at the point I need a Firewall with a more professional feature set, and the Buffalo running dd-wrt isn’t cutting the mustard.

4 thoughts on “We’re Getting a New Firewall”

    1. Bitter’s blog used to be on Dreamhost. We moved it here because their security on their WordPress setups was atrocious, and trying to talk to someone with a clue there was next to impossible. For decent hosting, you’ll pay real money, and I don’t have the patience to deal with hosting providers who do a poor job. I’d rather control the whole thing myself, so I can be sure it’s being done well.

      Either way, I’d still need the firewall. The reason I need it isn’t because of the blog. I’d still require a 35 megabit connection, firewall, etc, even if I hosted the blog somewhere else. The extra cost is really the server, which I.. ahem… acquired from my previous employer that went belly up.

  1. Great choice! I love the little Alix boards. I use ’em for my firewalls and for my custom music server feeding an audiophile DAC using Voyage Linux,

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