New Firewall

I put a new firewall/wireless router on my home network.   The default Verizon ActionTEC has flaky wireless, so I switched to a Netgear box.  The firewall features on the Netgear box aren’t quite as good, but it’ll do for now.  At some point, I might play with OpenWrt on a Linksys WRT.   Linksys WRTs by default kind of suck, because they like to time out TCP connections while you’re using them, and there’s no way to disable this “feature”, but if I can run a Linux based firewall/wireless router on one, I’d have total control, and it would do anything I wanted it to.

Visitors to the blog might have noticed a slight interruption in service for the ten seconds it took to switch over to the new system.  It’s easy when it’s just a simple home network.

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