Law Seminar in Philadelphia This Weekend

NRA is hosting a legal seminar this weekend in Philadelphia, which Bitter and I will be attending. There are people coming in from all around, so if you’re going to be there, we’ll see you there. I don’t know who is and who isn’t coming, but later tonight I’ll be giving Clayton Cramer a lift from the airport to the hotel where the seminar is hosted, so I know he’s coming at least.

Also, sorry for the light posting the past several days. I’ve been in the office, which kills two to three hours of my day on the commute, and because I’m not in the office all the time, I have to use my time here judiciously when there’s things I have to get done on site. We will return back to our normal schedule shortly.

8 thoughts on “Law Seminar in Philadelphia This Weekend”

  1. Had planned on being in Philly this weekend and attending but a lingering case of the creeping crud still has me hacking crap out of lungs and blowing pudding out of my nose. Enjoy!

  2. Where/how was this announced? I missed it and would have liked to have gone.

    1. It went out via email back in August. I don’t know how far and wide they sent it – if it was just the area around Philly or if they sent it nationwide.

  3. What is the attendance?

    I hope you guys who are there learn something valuable, but I can’t help thinking about that tree falling in the forest.

    I assume someone is getting this on video. Will anyone put selected shorts up on YouTube?

    Just thinking aloud. . .

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