Some Minor Network Maintenance

If you were having trouble accessing the blog earlier this evening it’s because I was installing a new firewall. Previously I had the machine serving the blog connected directly to the outside, and used firewall rules on the server to filter out the undesirable traffic. I decided to buy a little Linux-based appliance with a MIPS CPU that can handle my WiFi, VPN, and firewalling all in one unit. Previously I was using the ActionTek box that came with the FiOS, but I was becoming displeased with its capabilities.

The only question now is whether this little box can stand up to the torrent of traffic you get from an Instalanche.

4 thoughts on “Some Minor Network Maintenance”

  1. I’d email you privately, but since I’m sure there are others wondering about this: which MIPS appliance from who did you procure?

  2. The actiontec unit is ok for most home users, but it has serious limitations.

    I run a Netgear Linux capable router with free Linux based firmware along with some creative setup to keep all the FiOS stuff working, including tv central an on screen caller ID.

    Good luck with the new setup.

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