Firearms Law Seminar

Dave Kopel talks about the upcoming Firearms Law seminar. Both Bitter and I will be attending this year. If you would like to attend, you don’t have to be a lawyer, but if you are a lawyer, CLE credit is available. It does cost money, but if you’re interested in 2A legal topics, this is the place to find the experts. If you’re interested in attending, I’ve been running an ad on the side bar to support the Firearms Law Seminar. If you click in it, it’ll take you to more information.

Just in the interest of transparency, while NRA is not paying me for the ad, they are letting me into the seminar gratis.

2 thoughts on “Firearms Law Seminar”

  1. Dave Kopel writes about …

    I clicked expecting audio and found text. That’s OK, but words have meaning!

  2. I’d love to attend and practice in the fiekd, but I’m just starting legal practice after years of “consulting.” I’ll have to see about attending next year.

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