We Must Be Doing Something Right

New York State Senators are taking to the papers to complain that they can’t get any gun control passed├é┬ábecause it keeps getting blocked by the “Gun Lobby.” Well, you know, maybe when you’re finding micro uzis in the Bronx that should be a pretty strong indication your gun control laws don’t work.

2 Responses to “We Must Be Doing Something Right”

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Uh, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t New York a VolksRepublik with the State House, Senate and Governor all firmly in the grasp of the Democrats? So it seems to me that Gun Control should be so easy to pass that it could be done between Coffee Breaks in Albany. So why hasn’t the Leadership made it so?

    Can’t be the Republicans fault. They don’t have the Votes.


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