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    1. Have you come across anyone who thinks Obama won? I’d add the caveat “with the slightest relationship to reality” but even with that qualifier I’ve yet to come across any, then again I need to check some of the usual suspects on the Left.

      1. I keep finding people that say, “Well, what does “win” mean and who gets to decide?” Or they say,”Meh..it was boring. They both did about the same.” Of course, if Obama had “won”, we’d never hear the end of it.

  1. That crazy old Eastwood guy…crazy like a fox. An empty chair, indeed.

    No Teleprompter, no cards (race, gender, class, etc.) to play, can’t tell Romney how he can afford to pay more taxes and he couldn’t vote “present”. No audience to shout his enemy down, and no place to look but in his lap. Loser. Not a surprise.

    I am alightly less curious about the hidden transcripts, more sure what is in them, and it ain’t a GPA around 4.0. Ignorance and arrogance in abundance.

    1. Pres. Obama mentioned education reform, and said it needs to be a “Race to the Top,” at which point I turned to my wife and said, “The key term being, ‘Race.'” After catching her breath from laughing, her reply was, “Zing!”

      He would have played the race card if it were AT ALL feasible to do so, and he did TRY to play the class card (regarding taxes). Many times. And got slapped down by Romney every time. Hard.

      Bottom line, Romney came armed with facts and prepared to ad-lib (and even called Barry out: “Mr. President, you’re entitled to your own airplane, your own house, but not your own facts.”) Barry came with misrepresentations and misinformation, and flopped without a teleprompter.

      My one-line review: Obama got served.

      1. Actually, my favorite line from Romney was when implied that Obama was attempting to make a lie appear factual through repeating it.

        1. Which is interesting, because the Progressive Line of Attack seems to be “Romney is a sociopathic liar who lies about lies and gets away with it because he’s a sociopath.” (I may be exaggerating)

  2. What really jumped out at me throughout the debate was how Obama was reprising his talking points from 2008. ‘We need to do __, and ___, and ___ that we do right now just doesn’t make sense’. Thing is, he’s been in office for four years now, with a Democrat-majority Senate the whole time. He is the one who’s failed to do all the things he’s complaining weren’t done!

    That, above all else, made him stand out in comparison to Romney. You have the prototypical blueblood executive on one hand, and the consummate unproductive bureaucrat on the other.

  3. From the sounds of Fear emanating from the Halls of the MSM, I think that Romney won the Debate. But there’s still 2 more to go,(although Biden/Ryan should be a Hoot!) and I think that if Obama admitted that he liked to eat Roasted Babies Liver from the Orphanage, he’s still get 47% of the Vote.

    It all comes down to the Election.

    1. Which google translate renders “et Brady Stipendium sunt adhuc impertinens.” Which is a nice bilingual pun. Trimmed down to Brady impertinens est, maybe?

      (alas, my canis latinicus is no longer up to doing it myself)

  4. Last night I commented on people who develop a “tin ear.” I guess maybe I have.

    My wife and I watched the debate together. Toward the middle she said “You can see Obama is tired.” When it was over, I said “That was a total non-event.” So, I was surprised a few minutes later, and this morning, to hear that even the usual suspects among Democratic apologists were saying Romney had won a stunning victory.

    I will be interested in what the polls show. I don’t think anyone formerly swayed, is going to sway in the other direction, and I don’t think anyone who was “undecided” (implying they are not satisfied yet with the substance provided by either side) heard enough substance last night to be satisfied, and swayed. I certainly heard nothing of substance.

    1. There’s an important thesis that you, an informed voter, would easily miss: for a long time Team Obama and the MSM (but I repeat myself) have been painting Romney as the Antichrist, whereas surely you’ve noticed how often Obama is pictured with a halo around his head.

      Well, in this debate, from almost all accounts Romney was able to demonstrate he’s merely a politician (to which you go “spit!” :-) … and that’s a critical accomplishment. Yeah, he’s still selling national doom on the RINO/Republican establishment installment plan (in times past referred to as the Creative Republican Alternative Proposal), but he’s made himself acceptable to a whole bunch of people who haven’t seen him without the MSM’s filters before today.

      And, yeah, everyone says he cleaned Obama’s clock, but that has a lot more to do with style than the real substance you’re desiring (as well as me). Off teleprompter Obama’s really weak, Romney’s not. If not in control Obama’s WAY out of his comfort zone; Romney controlled this event. Most fundamentally, Romney’s an alpha male, Obama’s thoroughly beta.

  5. It’s a tough job to unseat an incumbent, partially because as the challenger you risk sounding whining by always complaining and being negative–the challenge is not to have the negativity stick to you. But it’s universal at this point Romney won the first debate.

    Aside from the win/lose, I really liked the format of this one. The questions were fair and neither the audience nor the moderator became the center of the show–it was mostly the two candidates talking to one another and both actually being given so much time they eventually had to at least partially answer the questions that were asked. I wish the other two were following this format. I hate the phony “Town Hall” setting that’s apparently the style of the next one, but perhaps I’m an elitist.

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