Compare and Contrast

Just to drive the point home, NRA holds a joint even with the Romney-Ryan Campaign to announce their endorsement just outside of DC in Virginia:

NRA Romney Ryan Endorsement Rally

10,000 people show up. CSGV gets outraged and calls for protests outside of the White House, and you get this. And they wonder why no one pays any attention to them, or gives a crap about their cause?

UPDATE: Many more pictures from John Richardson.

11 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast”

  1. Actually, this isn’t correct. It wouldn’t be impressive if this was held outside of DC where the Republican hill staffers could easily astro turf 10,000+ people (and I could have cut out of work to attend). That’s what Obama and the Dems would do.

    This was held in Fisherville, VA. Which is over 3 hours away from DC (and 2 hours from Richmond and 90 minutes from Roanoke). Just off of the intersection of I-81 and I-64 between Staunton and Waynesboro.

    For the NRA and Romney/Ryan to get 10,000+ people show up in what is essentially the middle of nowhere – and nowhere that’s convenient for anyone to get to – it quite an impressive statement (I’d even call it a Second Day Ass Kicking)

  2. Good thing no one ever taught CSGV how to make legible signs.

    Black letters on white background = good; rainbow colors on white background = unreadable.

    1. My thoughts exactly. The bright letters make the signs almost unreadable. If I saw this group protesting, I’d assume they were demonstrating in favor of gay marriage or something.

  3. Heck, I’ve been to Blogmeets in the Gunnie Community that have more Attendees than a CSGV Protest!

  4. Virginia is a great state and the best part is, gun shops are opening around here like flowers after a spring shower. A great shop Dominion Sports is right around the corner from the rally. I used to drive 40+ miles to get to a good gun shop now I have 3 within 12 miles and two great gun smiths with in 20.

    I also have a question; how do I get onto the csgv insurrectionist list? I have some ideas for t-shirts that I want to make.

    1. We went apple picking on Saturday (should have been deer hunting, but Kids loved the apple picking. Good times!) and driving on the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge Mtns my wife commented on how many gun shops we were passing that didn’t exist a few years ago. She commented that it was a bit of a bubble and wondered what would happen when Romney won.

      She made a good point. I am thinking of putting a bunch of scary guns up for sale right before the election, just as a hedge on their value.

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