13 thoughts on “Can Someone Tell Me …”

  1. I love Ann Coulter. You can say just about anything and it sounds reasonable in comparison to her.

  2. Again, Ann Coulter serves her purpose for the conservative cause. Like Ted Nugent and Clayton Cramer does for the NRA.

    They all serve to energize the mainstream of conservatism by reinforcing conservative beliefs and values.

    Look, folks like Coulter make a very good living doing what she does because the conservatives eat it up.

  3. Wow! Jadegold is right for once! Even a blind squirrel finds the occasional nut. (I leave it up to you whether Jadegold is the subject or object in that sentence…)

    It’s sort of analogous to Al Franken over at Air America.
    Except, you know, that no one from either side listens to him…

  4. I think she is great. I get lots of entertainment from the knee jerk reactions of the libs.

    I’m not sure if she actually believes, or thinks through, what she says in some interviews. As Kurt says it may just be “shock” value. (Sorry Kurt, not actually quoting you.)

  5. Well, you gotta admit, nobody can get liberals to foam at the mouth as well as she does. That, alone, is reason enough to keep her around.

    As for what she said in this particular instant, don’t forget Christians who really believe, believe they are advanced Jews. The entire Christian faith is based in Judaism, with the addition of the Messiah having already appeared. Judaism believes he has yet to appear, other than that the basic tenets of the religions are nearly identical.

  6. I know a lot of Christians believe that sort of thing, but she’s going around saying it on national TV just to be a bitch. The problem is, it’s not just liberals she’ll be turning off to conservative ideas.

  7. Oh yeah, one more thing, we don’t get to choose whether or not we keep her around. As long as we remain conservative and proponents of the Constitution we cannot in good conscience silence her or even attempt to do so.

    We do have the right to disagree with her. So long as she doesn’t advocate harming people or forcing them to her way of thinking she has the right to say what she wishes, just as do we. Would you really change that?

    I don’t exactly understand your lament about keeping her around. We aren’t keeping her around. She is just there, as is her right, doing what she does to make money and gain fame, or notoriety depending on one’s view of her. We certainly don’t have the power to keep her around, nor the power to banish her, at least not legitimately, with exception of ignoring her and not buying her books, etc.

    I have a house filled with thousands of books and have donated many times more than that, not one of them is or has been an Ann Coulter book. That’s just me. Others may view it differently and that is their right.

    So since I do not understand your lament about “keeping her around”, could you explain to me how you not keep her around? What action would you take or advocate to banish her?

  8. I’m not talking about silencing her. I’m talking about ignoring her. Not giving her air time, not buying her books, etc. I’m just tired of her nonsense.

  9. Well, I don’t buy her books, which is my right and everyone else’s, but I don’t know so much about not giving her airtime. Do you really want to open that can of worms?

    I don’t want Al Gore to have air time, either, but I can’t see a legitimate way of preventing it if someone wants to put him on the air. Same goes for Coulter.

    The issue is bigger than that.

  10. Perhaps she practices a from of witchcraft… or maybe bitchcraft.

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