Romney/Ryan NRA Endorsement

The announcement for a special event hosted by NRA came a few days ago, so I figured that could only mean one thing. From Chris Cox:

I’m proud to announce today that your NRA Political Victory Fund is endorsing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for President and Vice President of the United States.

Romney’s statement on assault weapons from years ago while he was Governor of Massachusetts will continue to dog him with the gun vote, but with what’s on the line with the Courts, I expected NRA would endorse him anyway. In fact, in Chris Cox’s letter, the first reason listed is “Mitt Romney will appoint pro-Second Amendment judges to the Supreme Court.” With the endorsement, hopefully NRA will have some input into the selection process when it comes time to replace justices.

4 thoughts on “Romney/Ryan NRA Endorsement”

  1. Well it’s not like they were going to endorse Obama.

    Ryan is a strong 2A guy. Romney is a weathervane. We just need to keep the wind blowing in the right direction.

    Those two are similar to Bush and Cheney. Bush supported the AWB and said he’d sign it if it came up for renewal. Cheney signed onto a supportive brief for Heller v DC.

  2. Years ago? He was talking about his ban on AWBs the day after Obama talked about AK-47s not belonging in the hands of civilians!

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