Don’t Be Offended if I Don’t “Friend” You

I sometimes get friend requests from people I don’t know, but who have mutual friends that indicate they may be readers. Back when I started that Facebook thing, I pretty much friended anyone who friended me, but now I have a pretty strict policy of not friending anyone I don’t know from Adam. I don’t do politics or guns on Facebook (except for, you know, when I actually go shoot). It’s strictly boring personal stuff.

So it’s nothing personal if I don’t friend you. Most of the gunny and bloggy people I’ve friended I’ve met in person, and those that I haven’t I added back before I thought very much about this Facebook thing. I’m very careful now with Facebook, lest our opponents find out where I work, who my coworkers and family are, or discover details of my remodeling plans, and start up whole new themed blogs called “Colors Gun Nuts Can’t Coordinate” and “Landscaping Disasters of Insurrectionists.”

9 thoughts on “Don’t Be Offended if I Don’t “Friend” You”

  1. Don’t be offended? I opened up a Facebook account just to be closer to you. And now you say, I am not good enough?!?!?!?


  2. Before I dumped the Facebook thing completely, I had been friended by a lot of young female relatives in Europe, and then by some of their friends, who I had no idea who they were. Apparently in their country young girls like to use provocative, cheesecake poses for their Facebook pictures. Shortly it occurred to me that if anyone looked at my collection of Facebook friends, they’d think I was the prince of Dirty Old Men. So, the next time Facebook gave me a PIA, I just decided it wasn’t for me anymore.

  3. I would totally subscribe to the blogs “Colors Gun Nuts Can’t Coordinate” and “Landscaping Disasters of Insurrectionists.”

  4. I use a fake name on Facebook, and try my best to mask my ip address through a VPN as often as possible to avoid any “Mary Rosh” incidents. Extra credit if you can figure out some of the other names I’ve posted under here since the beginning in 2007…..

    You are smart to maintain as much separation between your blogging life and real life though.

  5. Eh, I don’t really care if they know who I am, wanna start some shit over what I said on Facebook? First you need a real life, second I carry 24/7, come git some!

    I can understand that though, I usually don’t friend anyone I don’t actually “know” either. I think right now I have 3 friends who fall into the “who are you again?” category.

    This is also one of the half dozen blogs I somewhat regularly frequent, don’t you just feel special? :-)

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