Nevada Going to the Anti Column?

The Californication of the West continues. It would seem we have a nascent assault weapons ban to worry about in Nevada. This has me worried about Nevada. It’s carry laws have gotten worse in the past several years with reduced reciprocity, and now this.

7 Responses to “Nevada Going to the Anti Column?”

  1. NotClauswitz says:

    What do the Oddsmakers say? Vegas-voting runs Nevada…

  2. And, the same goes for New Mexico. Their laws have been getting worse for a couple of years now. Basically, if it is a place that Californians like to move to, it is getting worse.

  3. Thirdpower says:

    We have a family from CA that moved near us. The first things they did after moving out to the country was tear up most of the foliage on the property and put up a plethora of no trespassing signs.

  4. Seriously, there needs to be a lass passed that prevents you from voting in a state election until you’ve met 5 years of residency.

    That way you (CALIFORNIANS & NEW ENGLANDERS!!!) learn the culture before destroying it

  5. Have thought about moving out west for various reasons, Nevada and Arizona were long at the top of my list. They they have been scratched along with New Mexico. Utah and Idaho look more welcoming with Texas still in the mix. Too many damned Californians are streaming like rats from a sinking ship to those areas and not realizing that if they vote the same way there that they did back in Californistan, it’s going to become the same sort of shithole they had to leave.

  6. Alpheus says:

    This is an effect I’ve noticed in Utah as well. I’ve come to the conclusion that liberalism is literally a virus that infects states: when the State produces enough liberals, it “bursts”, and those liberals have to flee, not fully understanding why. They then bring their stupid ideas to the new state, and infect it.

    I have often wondered if there’s a good way to “inoculate” the “viruses”, by doing our best to teach them why they had to leave their home state, and how the policies they have come to accept as “necessary” will just as surely destroy their new home state, as it did the state they had just fled.

    I figure that the same ought to be done with illegal immigrants; that way, if they ever become naturalized, they’d become a force for good rather than evil. Unfortunately, the Gov’t realizes this, so they try to get as many illegals on food stamps and other heroin-like addictive “benefits” that enslave them, and make them dependent on government.

  7. There’s some of this in Alaska too.

    Luckily it seems like the cold weather helps to keep hippies at bay. Sure, they come up for the summer or for a ski trip but its another thing to live there year round…

    I have thought that the “5 years” requirement makes some degree of sense but there are probably some troubling Constitutional issues attached to that idea…