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  1. What if you’re in a wheelchair? What if you don’t have four fully functional limbs due to injury or disease? What if you have MS?

    Has anyone clued these dorks into the reason that fighters have a weight class system?

    1. A friend who’s paralyzed from the waist down is a cc holder but carries bear spray when traveling to class due to a campus ban on guns. He wheels through a few interesting blocks to get to his classes. He could use a pickup service but wants to have a normal student life. You know, meet people, move about, grab a coffee. He’s never drawn the bear spray (or his gun) but he has it secured to his chair just in case. When not going to school he secures the gun.

      I’ll have to let him know that he should ditch them both since with some weekend training at the Y he should be able to defend himself with his leg rests used ninja stylez. Maybe use a rape whistle or something. Those work right?

  2. I thought the Brady’s solution for self-defense was to become a rich and important member of the nomenklatura and hire a bodyguard.

  3. My favorite HTH memories are, the way they trained us to it in the Army; followed mostly by guys getting drunk, getting into fights, and falling one their asses trying to do pivot kicks.

    I figured my M-14 with or without bayonet was more to be trusted.

  4. I was thinking about this (sort of) when I got a particularly nasty comment on a Facebook post.

    The less ‘effective’ your tool used in self defense is inversely proportional to the amount of brutality you’ll have to use.

    Being former military (and an MS sufferer), it’s possible that I could defend myself from an attacker by hand, but it would require a total commitment to his destruction (and the use of all sorts of expediant weapons) and would be ugly (if I prevailed at all).

    Or I could just shoot them.

  5. The dojo that my family trains at teaches a course to the advanced belts that includes edged weapons defense as well as disarming someone with a gun.

    The first thing said at each class is: “Your best defense in a situation where someone is threatening you with a gun is to HAVE YOUR OWN GUN!”

    Also, what they teach in all self defense classes is this:

    If your in a situation where you need to defend yourself, your object is to disable your attacker. That means hurting them… Badly. Take them out of the fight. Break their bones. Blind them. Hurt them. And then get away as soon as possible.

    There is no “without injuring the attacker” as the Brady folks wish.

  6. I’d also suggest that the physical (thus emotional) involvement of HTH inclines one to be more brutal, unless perhaps you have been trained to the point of total mind control.

    There was one incident in my life when I came close to killing someone — and it was with my bare hands, not a weapon. To make a long story short, the fight to that point had enraged me to such a point that I wanted to and intended to kill my opponent. My friends had to intervene and overpower me, to prevent that.

  7. If anybody with self-defense training can put down anybody else without hurting him, what if my attacker has self-defense training too?

    Then it’s like, remember that time with the bong in college, when your roommate was like “Dude, what if God could create a stone he was too heavy to lift?” And you laughed and laughed and then you gasped out “no, dude, it’s what if a stone had to lift a god it was too heavy… no, if a stone created… no, wait…”

  8. These people are out of their freaking minds. …can put down attackers no matter the size difference, with little to no damage done to the victim. Absolute, undiluted bullshit from people who either have no idea what they’re talking about, or are lying. Which means, in the latter case, that someone who follows their directions and gets hurt or killed is injured or dead because of their lies.

  9. One other thing: …with little to no damage done to the victim. Really? The attacker has become the freakin’ VICTIM?

  10. Attacked by a few assailants? Pull out a nunchaku.

    Attacked by a gang of assailants? Pull out another nunchaku.

    Who needs a gun when you have TWO nunchaku?!?!?!

  11. “can put down attackers no matter the size difference, with little to no damage done to the victim”

    Besides which, legitimate attackers cannot get pregnant. . .

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