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It seems I can no longer carry in Nevada.  State authorities really shouldn’t jerk license holders around like this, because someone isn’t going to get the memo and will end up arrested.  Nevada needs to pass universal reciprocity if their state officials can’t behave themselves.

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  1. Uh… I think you read it wrong.

    “Nevada will no longer recognize Right-to-Carry permits from Utah or Florida.”
    “They have, however, added Ohio and West Virginia as recognized states.”

  2. How did he read it wrong, Shawn? He can’t carry in Nevada anymore. He does not have an Ohio or West Virginia permit.

  3. I think the confusion is how Utah and Florida relate to your Pennsylvania location.

  4. Because PA does not have reciprocity with a number of states (Ohio included), many PA LTCF (In PA it’s a License To Carry Firearms, not a permit) holders also get either a FL or Utah permit to gain reciprocity with states that do not recognize a PA LTCF.

    FL and Utah appear to have the broadest reciprocity.


  5. This is a bummer. I was rather enjoying being able to carry in Nevada on my Florida permit. If they didn’t make it so darn hard to take the required class for a non-resident Nevada permit, I would get one.

  6. “The Nevada DPS dropped Utah because it does not have a live fire requirement, which is a part of Nevada’s training requirements.”

    Ok that makes some sense but this?

    “Florida will no longer be recognized because its permits are now valid for seven years instead of five.”

    Who friggin cares? I’ve never heard something so stupid. Are they going to grouse about license fees too?

    Is somebody going to drop reciprocity with New Hampshire because they only Charge $10 for Residents and $20 for out-of-state permits??

    We should at LEAST be able to challenge the FL part.

  7. Now I can carry in Nevada. I was trying to decide rather to get Utah or Non-resident PA. Pennsylvania gives me most of the south and of course PA. Utah gave me about the same plus Nevada. Guess I’ll just get the PA now and be done with it since I can carry in Nevada.

  8. Most states don’t have a live fire requirement. Florida definitely doesn’t.

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