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Article lamenting NRA’s political power:

The NRA won that fight. My candidate lost. And it’s hard to think of a fight the NRA hasn’t lost over the past 30 or so years. Because of the NRA, it’s okay for people in the U.S. to buy automatic assault weapons, to circumvent permit laws, to carry concealed weapons, to be armed at bars, schools and churches, and essentially to buy, sell, do or use any weapon. The purchaser’s mental health doesn’t seem to matter. Neither does past criminal activity. Nor does the opinion of law enforcement officers who face the real threat of being outgunned by law breakers.

Automatic assault weapons?  Circumvent permit laws?  Armed at schools?  Buy sell or use any weapon?  No mental health or background check?  This isn’t the gun laws I live under.

No one should fear these days that their right to own guns is in jeopardy. Rather, the big fear should be that people are carrying guns everywhere, and that many people have serious arsenals of weapons, including grenades and other explosive weapons, legally purchased.

I don’t think we’re afraid of that anymore, although we know some will still try for it.  No, now the goal is to make the Second Amendment mean something, and yes, that means I can “bear arms” for personal protection, without undue interference by government.

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  1. Yep,used one of my grenades on a dog in my yard today. neighbors tomorrow. That’s how other countries think of us when they read that crap.

  2. Repeat felon Criminals are already prohibited persons and still obtain and carry guns everywhere anyway.

    All we are asking for is to even the odds in favor of the law abiding citizen. Gun control, so called, only disarms the already law-abiding.

    DC v. Heller affirmed the right to KEEP arms; We need more cases affirming the right to BEAR them as well. Someday this will come, I hope in my lifetime.

  3. Here’s the email I just sent this tool .

    Hello Mr Rothstein,

    I just recently perused your Anti Gun Editorial in US Politics Today and I must admit , not being terribly familiar with your work , Im not sure if your just woefully ignorant about the topic or a card carrying member of the hoplophobic anti gun media . I do have my suspicions , but I welcome any reply from you to address this . Presuming for the moment that your simply uninformed , I would like to address some of your points .

    1) You claim that near anyone can buy ” automatic assault weapons ” This is a patently false assertion , although one thats quite clearly in lockstep with the Violence Policy Center’s Josh Sugarmann , who publicly admitted to intentionally misleading the general public on this issue in order to gin up support. The TRUTH is the actual automatic weapons have been heavily regulated by the Federal Govt since passage of the National Firearms Act of 1934 . Legal ownership under this Federal Law requires an extensive backround check and the payment of a 200.00 fee to the ATF , plus the signing off or endorsement from the prospective purchasers local Law Enforcement official , which can rightly be described as yet another level of Law Enforcement scrutiny . Due to passage of a 1986 Federal Law , ALL imports of actual automatic weapons were banned , with the exception of the military and police . The natural outgrowth of this law has been that actual automatic weapons in private hands is limited exclusively to well heeled collectors that can afford to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on the weapon , plus additional thousands on insurance , safe storage , etc . Your claim is absurd and nothing more the fear mongering .

    2) Your claims ” circumventing permit rules , carry concealed weapons , carrying in bars , schools and churches and to buy or use any weapon ”

    Another blatantly and disengenious falsehood , clearly plagarized from the Brady Campaign’s website. Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity would NOT circumvent ANY States existing rules , as the legislative language made clear that the right would only be extended provided the carrier comported their behavior with the rules and regulations of the State they were going to . Much like a drivers license . Several States have significantly different speed limits then others , yet drivers licenses are recognized as valid Nationwide , with drivers expected to modify their driving behavior to the locale they happen to be in at the time or face punishment . Same thing with National Carry Reciprocity .

    As to carrying in bars , schools or churches . Uh yep ! Criminals dont schedule appointments for committing their crimes , much to the chagrin of Law Enforcement . It was a concealed carry holder that stopped a violent criminal in the church shooting in Colorado last year . Many people , including students feel that the Virginia Tech Massacre might have been significantly curtailed had one of the faculty or staff been armed and able to confront Mr Cho. In fact , one need only look as far as another Virginia School , The Appalachian Law School , for an example of armed students interceding and saving the lives of students against an armed attacker .

    Regarding the opinions of Law Enforcement officers , multiple surveys of street cops , and the testimoney of several high ranking police officers from across the Country to a Congressional Sub Comittee all come back with the same result . Rank and file law enforcement overwhelmingly SUPPORT the law abiding citizens right to carry for self defense. They know that there is only roughly one officer for every 1700 Citizens . They know that Law Enforcement is reactive force , rarely able to intervene in a crime in progress . They also know that multiple court cases , including the Supreme Ct have ruled that local police and or govt cannot be sued for failing to prevent a crime and are not required to respond to provide protective services for individual citizens.

    Due to legislation sponsored and enacted by Sen Frank Lautenberg , any misdemeanor conviction for spousal abuse /domestic violence is an automatic Federal Level disqualifier for firearms ownership . Clearly your mention of this is nothing more then further emotionally driven hysteria about a non existant issue . It would have been somewhat refreshing to hear you come out against the well known abuses of the Domestic Violence Statute’s that have become all to often a cudgel , used as a weapon during divorces or seperations as opposed to a legitmate tool to protect someone.

    3) ” No one should fear their right to own a gun is in jeopardy ”

    Really ? Given the legislative history and public statements of President Obama , AG Eric Holder , Sec State Hillary Clinton , and various Congress persons like Chuck Schumer , Nancy Pelosi , Dianne Feinstein and many others , its quite clear that the current administration feels extrordinarily threatened by law abiding gun owners for numerous reasons , one being it is a constant reminder and symbol of Americans freedom and ability to provide for themselves as opposed to relying on an out of control , power hungry demagoguery , masquerading as a republican and representative govt , answerable to the people. The constant and deliberate drumbeat of falsehoods and out right lies are proof positive of their desired agenda . When someone tells me something with their own mouth that they desire to do X , I dont question whether or not they can actually do so , I take them at their word thats their intent .

    4) I have yet to hear of a single incident or case of a law abiding citizen OR a licensed gun dealer buying or selling ANY kind of grenades or explosives . Also heavily regulated by the ATF . But I suspect I know where you dredged up this example, from a report published on the Brady Campaign’s website , showing a photograph of a table full of military grade weapons , grenades , rockets and other explosives that were seized from the Mexican Drug Cartels . Cartels that are making hundreds of millions a month and are purchasing those armaments either on the various black markets in South America , or from corrupt Mexican Military and Police . By the way , I completely debunked the veracity of that photo caption when I spoke out against Paul Helmke on a Chicago Radio program a few months ago .

    5) The infamous and amusing omnipotent ” gun lobby ” . The invented boogeyman that people like you need to exist in order to justify your own positions. News flash , the NRA ISNT ” the gun looby ” . The NRA is populated by over 4 million regular Americans , including Law Enforcement , Military , Attorney’s , Buisnessmen and women , Doctors , Accounts , School Teachers , etc etc . They contribute hard earned dollars so they have some voice in Washington , which is particularly important at a time where we have elected ” leaders ” publicly admitting they dont read bills before signing them , they dont care what the Citizens think , and generally behave as a monarchy of professional elitists that King George would be proud of .

    I wont hold my breath waiting for any response from you , as its been my life experience that those the shrill the loudest about their ” open mindedness” are the least open minded on the planet when it comes to people disagreeing with them . So I will close with one more observation , and a question . You have a tremendous opportunity to be an actual leader , examine the data and issue with an unbiased mind , and be a shining example to others . Or you can choose to continue your hoplophobic delusions and join the swelling ranks of the discredited , who are following the path to the dustbin of history’s discarded lies in ever growing numbers as the citizens wake up from their stupor and realize they’ve been had on a massive scale . And now to my question to you sir . How do you reconcile the dichotomy of espousing your beliefs in the name of compassion for your fellow Americans , whilst clinging to an agenda whose roots are firmly based in racism ?

    Yours in Liberty ,

  4. “…it’s hard to think of a fight the NRA hasn’t lost over the past 30 or so years.”

    Wouldn’t that mean they haven’t won any?

  5. “…as opposed to relying on an out of control , power hungry demagoguery , masquerading as a republican and representative govt , answerable to the people.”

    I’m not complaining. I mostly agree with Dan, but I think we do better when we stick to the facts to counter and avoid pontifications, no matter how enjoyable.

    If you do get a reply, prepare to be taken out of context.

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