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If anti-gun groups ever wonder why we are single mindedly dedicated to their political existinction, they need to look no further than the ridiculous hate they themselves promote.├é┬áComparison America’s 4,000,000+ NRA members to a terrorist group like Al-Qaeda is pretty much a recipe for remaining on the fringe, and for no one to take you seriously. That even tops the SPLC. Additionally, it’s a recipe for keeping our people stoked and ready for a fight, which gets harder the more and more gun control groups become politically irrelevant.

Rhetoric being echoed by the likes of Jack Dunning here are not that of a group trying to seriously engage in political activism. If you’re activism starts out with comparing your opponents to the group that murdered 3000 Americans on 9/11, you’ve lost before you even start. This is just more trying gather mouth foamers among the left in an attempt to, what Sean calls it, if I recall, “save their phoney baloney jobs.” Otherwise, the would be no reason for several prominent gun control leaders to be promoting the likes of Jack Dunning. But hey, never interrupt your enemy in the midst of making a mistake, and of Oregon Ceasefire and Brady Campaign want to associated with rhetoric like this, who am I to stop them?

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  1. Unless I missed it, I think there has been only ONE Al-Queda “Sympathizer” Involved Shooting inside the U.S. since 9/11. And that only came about because “Political Correctness” reared its Head and the Gooberment didn’t stop the FT.Hood Shooter. And didn’t that Vile POS use a Pistol? Remember, Al-Queda likes BOMBS, not Guns.

    So someone tell me how many other Shootings by Al-Queda occurred in the States using NRA Approved “Assault Rifles?” Inquiring Minds want to know.

    1. Two — you forgot the DC “snipers”. Who were ALSO classified as “other”, despite their own statements and that they were obvious getting money from SOMEONE.

      1. “they were obvious getting money from SOMEONE.”

        Please support that statement, or withdraw it.

  2. I love this part: “In doing the numbers, I came up with a figure of 5,000 Americans that Al Qaeda has killed directly. Perhaps more have died indirectly, but the 5,000 figure seems to be an agreed upon amount.”

    Note that he “came up” with the figure, which in the next sentence magically becomes “an agreed upon amount.”

    If we’re measuring intent to sell guns, and guns sold being the measure of said intent, wouldn’t that make Barack Obama and Bill Clinton the worst offenders ever?

  3. Imagine that there really were 4 million well-armed terrorists in this country. There would be no such thing as an “anti-gun” group.

  4. I think it’s important to point out the most idiotic and egregious comments from gun control advocates, while exhibiting behavior that indicates gun owners are rational and logical.
    References to vast conspiracies, and name-calling, do little to promote the cause…

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