Shrimp Fiend

I’ve always enjoyed seafood.   If I had been born a Jew, I wouldn’t be a very good one, because my favorites are shellfish.   I love scallops, crab, lobster, mussels, clams, and oysters.   All good stuff.  One of my big food weaknesses is shrimp.   There’s nothing that makes me happier than sticking a dozen or so shrimp in the broiler and sprinkling some old bay seasoning on them.

Bitter planned to make a shrimp recipe for a party we threw up here, but she decided to cut out that particular recipe.   That means I have a whole lot of shrimp in my freezer, which delights me to no end.   I have a dozen or so in the toaster oven now, and soon I will peel and dunk into some cocktail sauce, and I will be in seventh heaven.

7 thoughts on “Shrimp Fiend”

  1. “Hey George, the ocean called, it’s running out of shrimp!”

    “OH YEAH? Well the jerk store called, and they’re out of you!”

    “That’s okay, you’re their all time best seller!”

    “…Well I slept with your wife!”

    “His wife is in a coma.”

  2. You make cocktail sauce? :)

    So when we made that joke about chosing a fake wedding chapel based on the buffet and shrimp, you weren’t completely joking were you?

  3. You would probably like my chip dip that I bring to parties. I use a can of tiny shrimp and two cloves of garlic mashed into cream cheese with just a bit of milk to soften it. It is best made several hours before using, to let the flavors develop.

  4. Shrimp is truly god’s food. Horseradish is, of course, necessary to complement the flavor. Ketchup is just unacceptable.

  5. I can only tolerate shrimp when it’s been marinated in heavy amounts of teriyaki sauce and practically burnt to a crisp. For some reason, I tend to get sick to my stomach when I eat seafood, which is a shame because I LOVE scallops wrapped in bacon with a giant helping of mashed potatoes.

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