Holding the Line: SB 249 is Dead for the Year

SB 249 has been pulled from committee. The bill is dead for the year. I can’t remember the last time we stopped a major piece of gun control legislation in its tracks in California, but I guess we made enough noise. For those who haven’t kept up on what SB 249 is, see this site created by the CalGuns Foundation.

UPDATE: Not so fast. It still has the rest of the week to live. This could be a feint. Continue making noise.

2 Responses to “Holding the Line: SB 249 is Dead for the Year”

  1. Gene Hoffman says:

    This thing is not dead until Midnight Friday. NSSF and GOA calling it early is dangerous.


  2. Matt says:

    More info, or at least rumors and speculation on CalGuns.

    It’s NOT over, and even if it doesn’t pass this year they’ll just try it, or something equally as odious next session.