Some Not So Good Vibrations

Missouri has a range protection law that protects gun clubs against the most common complaint used to shut them down: noise.  But a plantiff in a noise nuisance case in that state has found a way around that:

In the appeals court’s official opinion, Judge Lisa White Hardwick agreed that while the statute protects the gun club from lawsuits stemming from noise nuisance, it does not protect the club from nuisance lawsuits based on vibrations to the ground caused by gunfire.

Sounds waves in the air can sometimes cause things to vibrate, true.  But aren’t they part and parcel to noise?

“Sometimes the vibration from some of the shots just makes your chest just tremble,” Brown testified, “just like somebody busted you right in the chest … You’re thinking you’re hearing fire even in the quiet peace of the night life.”

What the hell are they shooting there?  Howitzers?  Nevertheless, I at least have more sympathy for these people than your typical plaintiffs against gun clubs, who buy houses next them and then complain about the noise.  The Brown’s house was there first, and the gun club came after.  But it’s disturbing that vibration, which is part and parcel to noise, is now being used to shut down clubs.

Perhaps the Browns would be willing to join us in a campaign for restoring the rights of gun owners to buy suppressors for their guns.  What’s illegal here is just considered good manners by the rest of the world.

5 thoughts on “Some Not So Good Vibrations”

  1. Being there first, I do have sympathy for them but how did they prove the case .

  2. Vibrations through the ground? WTF??!!
    #1 – Doesn’t believe in “Good Vibrations.”
    #2 – Must be a lot of synchronized shooting.
    #3 – Obviously an “ideal ground” to transmit the vibrations that far without attenuation.
    #4 – “All together now. You next 20 shooters. To the line. One, two, three, FIRE!”

  3. Can I shut down diesel trucks and buses?

    Idling buses may me queasy with their vibrations.

  4. Hell, the low-riders that come through my neighborhood sometimes have the bass on their stereos so high that windows in the neighborhood vibrate; I don’t see anyone banning stereos over that. I think it’s just an excuse someone is using.

  5. Actually – some municipalities will bust the guys with loud stereos. Typically a tourist-trap place kind of thing, but still.

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