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Looks like AAC has created a web site to educate the public about suppressors. Heavily regulating suppressors has to be one of the sillier and more useless parts of the NFA, so I’m happy to see them helping to lay the groundwork for changing the law in that regard.

UPDATE: Looking it over a bit more, it seems you have to register to get any information, which means this is more of a marketing site designed to collect names of potential customers. This is fine, since AAC has a product they want to market, but pretty clearly this isn’t entirely altruistic.

8 thoughts on “Can U”

  1. Move suppressors to Title I with federal preemption.

    O.K., I’ve been saying this for 25 years but I figure saying once more cannot hurt.

  2. If getting some advertisements that interest me is the price for getting some business muscle behind the lifting of this asinine restriction is all it costs, I will bear it gladly.

  3. I don’t think there are going to be any serious moves on that point any time soon, and I’m generally an optimistic guy.

  4. I like it.
    -Silencers are kind to animals. Ooo aahhh. Animals, good!
    -Silencers are less intimidating to new shooters. Silencers are warm and fuzzy.
    -How about “Silencers reduce noise pollution?” Pollution, bad!
    -Students can better hear instructors commands. Now, that is -an important safety concern.
    I got it: It sums up this way–
    “Silencers make bullets safer!”

  5. Marketing from AAC, the company that practically introduced modern marketing techniques (lifestyle branding, or whatever the ad geeks call it now) to the gun industry? Shocking.

  6. I’m not faulting them for marketing… I would just point out that anyone who’s going to go through the trouble of registering, likely does not need to be educated.

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