Quote of the Day

Frank W. James on the mass shootings:

Combining the two tragedies in Aurora, Colo., and Oak Creek, Wis., into a single question about gun control is tantamount to asking if we should make it harder for consumers to get the make and model of the automobile driven by a drunken driver after he crossed the center line and killed a family of four.

Yep. In most other contexts I think your average person would think the gun control crowd’s prescription was sheer madness and hysteria. But we treat guns differently. Probably because the mentality that lead to thinking like this is still alive and well in the public mind.

One Response to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Panamared says:

    It’s just one more sign, that most people think the Government controls the people, instead of the People controlling the government.

    The Founding Fathers understood that a free people must be able to defend themselves, and their property from all evils both foreign and domestic.