Gun Control in Venezuela: Police State

From Miguel, who kindly translated some parts of their law from Spanish:

If you own a restaurant where alcohol is served, you must force your clientele to be searched & probed before going in. So basically you have to go through a TSA screening every time you go wanna eat something or choose a restaurant that does not sell alcohol which in Venezuela, other than fast food places, there are very few.

Sounds like the kind of common sense approach to gun laws that our opponents believe in.

4 thoughts on “Gun Control in Venezuela: Police State”

  1. Seems like a full translation of this would make good advocacy material. Having a proper citation is always better than saying “I heard on a gun blog that…”
    Sadly my spanish is so rusty all I can get is the general gist.

  2. The point of the law is to more easily punish/tax the restaurant afterwards. Nobody expects them to frisk their clientele.

    If the govt doesn’t like a business owner, they can send a masked gunman there to kill a few people, and then use that pretext to shut the business down.

  3. There’s that, as well as the (un?)intended consequence of having a certified unarmed target exit the restaurant in the evening after the meal and alcohol.

  4. I have some friends in YV who tell me the number of murders in their cuidad have at least doubled since May. The gummitup is admitting a sharp rise in violent crime in Caracas, but without credible numbers. About what I predicted when Chavez issued the decree.


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