Dennis Henigan: Wheel of Blame

It seems every time there is a tragedy, the other side looks to see how it can fit into their narrative so it can be exploited for political gain. Such is the case with Dennis Henigan’s latest, which suggests the wheel of blame this time has stopped on Child Access Prevention laws. Henigan says never mind the bullies, and never mind mental health, the issue is the gun. People will say otherwise, but trust him, it’s the gun, and only the gun.

UPDATE: Anyone notice Henigan is still the public face of the Brady Campaign? Where is this Dan Gross guy we’ve heard so much about? Has anyone seen him? Is he a real person?

7 thoughts on “Dennis Henigan: Wheel of Blame”

    1. If I had to speculate, Gross’s primary responsibility to Brady is to bring in donors so that the rest of the organization can stay afloat. He might not have been hired to be a publicly fronted spokesman like Helmke was. The big question, in that case then, is why he’s President and not VP of Development.

  1. Let’s face it, it’s much more fun to make fun of Denny Henny than the new kid. The new kid is boring. At least we can count on Denny Henny to scream and shout about how “the bullets are falling, the bullets are falling” on occasion.

    Plus, the new kid is just another figurehead (Associate) victim to be trotted out and displayed like a stuffed deer head above the mantle. You don’t expect the deer head to start dictating policy do you? If Japete was capable of shutting up and raising money, they’d put her in the President’s office. Sadly, for her AND us, she’s already made a total ass of herself, and she can’t deliver the fundraising power to pay the salaries on their phony baloney jobs.

  2. Only someone from the Brady Bunch would think this 17-year-old is a child… Ohio has charged him as a juvenile as required by law and than will make a motion to try as an adult that will be followed through due to the law as written…

    This killer is an adult… he can drive, he can have a job without permission… he can plan crimes of theft and murder with fore-thought… he is not a child…

    Dann in Ohio

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