Soaked to the Bone

Getting a late start this morning. We had a bunch of waste from some work we’ve been having done around the house, including getting rid of some concrete from a sidewalk we took up. Looking at the cost of a dumpster compared to the cost of a junk hauler, I’m willing to pay some extra bucks so I don’t have to deal with moving it all. Plus, I was worried about putting a roll off dumpster on the fresh asphalt that’s on my driveway. But I’m one of those folks who likes to keep an eye on things when I have people working, and it’s pouring down rain out. I’d say it was worth the soaking. I’ve been keeping piles of crap from various jobs around the side yard where people can’t see, and now that’s all gone, and in a lot less time than it would have taken Bitter and I to haul it ourselves.

One thought on “Soaked to the Bone”

  1. Same here. We recently brought in the Army. Or, more accurately: some Army guys looking for some extra money.

    I you have a nearby base and are in good with a Senior NCO, you will have an unending supply of strong, fair-priced labor that is respectful and trustworthy. Their NCO makes sure of it. We pay them better than the going rate and get better than the going service. A couple of pizzas and drinks help.

    I used to do it back in the day, and have hauled more junk from more places than I remember. I even moved furniture for a contractor part-time who preferred hiring base rats (barracks-dwellers) because we didn’t need extra clearance to move around the place.

    It’s a great option if you got it nearby. This last bunch who helped us empty a basement contained a bowhunter who is coming by this Fall to hunt our property. It’s a win-win: I need the vermin gone but have no time, and he loves to stalk them.

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