Dumb Protest Ideas

It seems to me these people need to be loaned a few brain cells:

“What we want is to bring just some basic common sense to gun laws. It’s crazy you don’t need any registration, you don’t need any permits.  If you have a hand gun, you can get a permit to carry it concealed. That makes no sense.”

Yeah, because common sense says that the drug dealers killing each other on the streets of Philadelphia bother to get gun permits from the police and would bother with registration and licensing.   Do you people listen to the crap you’re saying?   I’m pretty sure it’s not our gun laws that don’t make any sense.

5 thoughts on “Dumb Protest Ideas”

  1. Absolutely right! These people are nuts. We are lucky to be in a state that requires the issuing agency to give their decision in a reasonable amount of time. If we had to wait 6 months, there’d be a thug out there who didn’t bother waiting the 6 months, perfectly willing to kill me.

  2. I just heard the Philly Chief of Police on Nightline say that Pennsylvania has the most liberal gun laws in the nation.

    Boy, think about how bad it must be everywhere else.

    Or how stupid voters must be to believe him.

  3. I’ve only known one Police Chief who wasn’t some mayor’s punk. Yes, I mean that in the prison definition of the word.

  4. This “32” protest crap started here in MD. I’m sorry it is spreading to your fine state. So far, no one I know has even heard of the “32” protests, besides gun people like me.

  5. Depending on what aspects of gun law you’re talking about, Pennsylvania can either be very liberal compared to most states, or more restrictive. Sales of handguns are more tightly regulated than in most states. But few states have more liberal concealed carry laws than Pennsylvania.

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