Spitzer’s Gun Control Plan

Lots of people are commenting on Elliot Spitzer’s plan for gun control, which makes about as much economic sense as being a john worried about the catching the clap, and trying to tell a high priced hooker that you won’t pay her for sex anymore unless she agrees to sleep with no other clients. Think she’s going to agree to that? Maybe that can put this into economic terms the former Governor can understand.

11 thoughts on “Spitzer’s Gun Control Plan”

  1. I see he doesn’t want the feds and NY to have new guns, then. He really has no idea of the relative sizes of the LEO vs civilian markets, does he?

    1. +1 He’s asking gun makers to all do what Ron Barret did to California!

      I hope this passes, Hell I’ll vote for it if it comes around!

  2. Add that to the fact that a gun company that tells NY to pound sand will have civilian customers flock to them.

  3. We should just be able to ignore the morons rants, sadly there are some other ALOT of other morons who will listen and agree…….

  4. I prefer his option over a legislative ban. We should spread the message and encourage politicians to follow suit. Spitzer’s plan would last a year at most.

  5. It’s hilarious.

    What Spitzer is proposing is slight variation of the blackmail scheme he tried to use back in 2000, when Smith & Wesson knuckled under to Spitzer and Clinton in order to escape from a phony-baloney lawsuit. And how well did that turn out? Remember “Smith & Wesson must die”?

    Of course Spitzer in his current proposal omits any mention of his previous effort and its humiliating failure to achieve the results desired by gun-control advocates. The near death experience of Smith & Wesson back in 2000 remains as a deadly reminder to any gun company that today would dare to make a similar devils bargain with anti-gun politicians.

  6. What about aftermarket magazines companies they will make a killing….these idiots have no idea what they are talking about.

  7. Wouldn’t it be great if all the manufacturers got together and agreed to sell ONLY to the private market?

  8. And if this works, the Dem’s will then have the government refuse to buy paper products from any supplier that sells paper to newspapers they disagree with. Or allow government web pages to be seen on any ISP that doesn’t block FOX news.

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