Scurrying from the Light

Congrats to All Nine Yards. Sean Caranna really seems to be upsetting the right people. The funny thing is the counterstrategy to their strategy of putting these folks on the public payroll should have been obvious to them. If I had been in their shoes, given that many of these positions are partially grant funded, I would have just kept them on the payroll of MAIG or their foundation. By putting them on the public payroll, their activities become public information under various state Freedom of Information laws. I’m wondering whether they just didn’t think about that, or didn’t think we’d realize a counterstrategy. A bigger question is whether MAIG is now adjusting its tactics to make use of private e-mails that can’t be reached by FOIA-like requests. I don’t know enough about various state laws on this matter to know whether this would amount to any kind of official misconduct or not, but it’s something to consider.

5 thoughts on “Scurrying from the Light”

  1. Using private email to conduct official business by a public official subjects those emails to public disclosure requirements. Failure to do so is a felony in many places.

  2. Silly question, but if Bloomy is so damn rich, why not pay with his own $$ ? Or is there more to it?

  3. After hammering Governor Palin for supposed attempts to evade Alaska’s sunshine law via private emails, you’d think they’d know better. OTOH, they have never liked one standard for everyone.

  4. You think that a group dedicated to the eradication of a fundamental human right enumerated in the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights is going to worry more than 0.0001 second about violating a mere LAW?

    Sort of like thinking a gun control law will stop a murderer from using a gun to commit murder.

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