19 thoughts on “Obama’s Economic Plan”

  1. Honestly, I’d prefer the tire pressure gauge.

    Some members of my family are mildly photo-sensitive (read: allergic to light) and cannot be under fluorescent lights for more than a few minutes before their skin begins to feel like it’s on fire. I’ve been stockpiling tungsten-bulbs (the only light mild enough for them) since Congress decided to “sunset” their existence by 2012. If I run out, I might have to buy black-market post-ban bulbs from Mexico.

  2. You know, that comment reminds me. Since Congress mandated those bulbs and they are more expensive, wouldn’t it be nice for the companies to be a little patriotic and at least donate the CFLs? You know, in the name of helping out during a recession.

  3. Reading the comments over there on the U-tube is like getting a short lesson in how ignorant most of supporters truly are.people are.

  4. ARRGGHH!! should be “…how ignorant most of the O’s supporters truly are.” Shouldn’t try to post and cook at the same time.

  5. I can see it now- He will do a fireside TV address in a sweater and start talking about a “malaise.”

    Barry’s gonna bring back the misery index!!

  6. That’s a “I’m freezing! Pull out more blankets or I’ll turn up the heat!” gown.

    I’m thinking tonight is a good night to pull out the electric blanket actually. We keep it quite chilly in the house. We even close off the guest room and shut the heating elements in there.

    Like Sebastian just said to me now, “We already follow Jimmy Carter’s advice.”

    Hell, to show just how energy efficient we are, we don’t even have Christmas lights out. (Though I do plan on putting up the tree tomorrow now that the stand has arrived.)

  7. The funny thing is that those light bulbs can not be recycled, or disposed of very easily for that matter. Maybe his “pull-your-head-out-of-your-ass” team should have been a little more attentive. Now if you will excuse me I have coupons to clip and blankets to stock pile.

  8. I thought one of the big advantages to CFLs is that they didn’t give off a lot of heat. I’m not sure how those will be an efficient heating system *grins*

    My real concern is what’s going to happen to Easy Bake Oven (and I’m sort of serious here). I loved my Easy Bake Oven. I’d hate for a world to exist where that wasn’t something that children “played” with.

  9. So, in order to help the economy, we are going to only buy CFL bulbs that are only made in China. Brilliant. That’ll fix everything.

  10. Last year at Christmas I gave my wife a couple of hundred incandescent light bulbs of the various sizes we/she uses around the house. She loved the idea. She really HATES fluorescent lights. Me likewise.

  11. I’ll give him this, he can read the hell out of a teleprompter. Might have been a good actor, dopey looking will smith has made a good living pretending to be all kinds of things, just like Obama.

    The practical light to his left, wanna bet what kind of bulb was in it? Color doesn’t look like a CF on my monitors.

    “Use it or lose it?” Hasn’t that always been the case? You see the year end rushes to burn through the budget to justify it everywhere.

    What good does modernizing school building do when the kids aren’t IN them or actually being taught things that matter? Graduates of today couldn’t compete in ANY economy, let alone a 21st century economy, they can’t read, can’t do math (picture cash registers)

    Ah yes, free web access for every child. Perhaps he hasn’t paid much attention to the posts on the internet, or the spelling, grammar, hate, etc.

    Electronic medical records…stored in a giant government database.

    The only thing I do like about these is that he’s reaching out, in a video format. I think ALL of the scumbags in DC should do this weekly and talk about just what they have done. You can see and hear them lying. I’d also like to see C-span and C-span 2 carried on broadcast TV live to remind people of what’s going on in DC.

  12. He’s even lamer than I imagined. What a clayfoot clod. Modernizing school buildings is for the Teachers Union, not the kids – and later for the re-education programs… Free Internet Porn access for kids will accelerate the breakdown of the family-control structure.

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