Some in the Media Speak Out

The Investors Business Daily laments gun free zones. The OC Register editorializes against bringing back the Assault Weapons Ban. E.J. Montini is a columnist for The Arizona Republic, and he laments our post-massacre routine:

Eventually, however, [the media will] figure out, as I did in Edmond all those years ago, that the best thing they can do for a grieving community is to leave town.

I couldn’t agree more.

2 thoughts on “Some in the Media Speak Out”

  1. In the movie The Right Stuff, every time there was a representation of the Media, they had this amazing sound effect that reminded me of locusts. Every time I see a frenzy of “journalists” going nuts and jumping over corpses to get an exclusive, that sounds plays in my head.

  2. Still, only a reporter would describe my hometown as “small” with a graduating class that year of approx. 700. that wouldn’t have fit the “feel” of his story.

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