29 thoughts on “How Many Do You Own?”

  1. I gots 4 if it’s just which of each do you own. Otherwise, I got 9 if duplicates count.

  2. Only 3 of those, but the M1A is at least a half, so 3.5…and if I can swap a mossberg 500 for the 870 I’m up to 4.5.

  3. I have four (although one of them is the S&W 629, the stainless steel version, with a 6.5″ barrel). But when I was a dealer, I sold two Barrett Light .50s, and an SMLE.

  4. Just two for my, an AR15 and a full-sized 1911. Too bad my M1 Garand and S&W M19 don’t count. Or my Marlin leveraction, or Rem M11 shotgun.

    If I’m going to get a surplus commie rifle, it won’t be a bolt-action one.

  5. Seven here.

    I’d have 8 if I could substitute Ruger Redhawk in .44 mag for the Model 29 in same caliber.

    Otherwise, agreed in that the M1 Garand should be on the list.

  6. 3 outright, 4 if the Mossy 590 can be subbed for the 870….and more if you count duplicates.

    Also my colt trooper is a Poor-man’s python…and the python needs to be in there!

  7. 5 outright, 7 if I can subtitute either a Win 1300 or a Mossie 590 for the Rem 870 and a 629 for the 29…

  8. 4 on the first list. 5 if you swap the Mossberg 500 for the 870.

    Just 2 off the 2nd list that Hank linked to.

  9. A meager 2. I have the Mosin and the AR. I’ll add my voice to the chorus regarding the Garand.

  10. Say Uncle, Yes, I have an AR. That is the only one on the list. The Gun Blog .45 with the LDA trigger isn’t really a 1911. And the STI Eagle 5.1 is chambered in .40 S&W which isn’t a .45.

    Hence the answer is either two (if the two almost 1911’s add up to one) or one depending on whether the substitution and/or addtion of the two handguns is allowed.

  11. Six, if my 870 Remington Youth Express in 20 ga still counts, otherwise 5 (if I get to count my semiauto WASR-10 as an AK).

  12. Darned Bradys … they even have a hold on my mind.

    I keep hearing the words “we make to too easy for dangerous people to get dangerous weapons.”

    Egads. I need a re-boot. And they need to re-classify “dangerous people.”

  13. Five with no subs. +1 the comment about no Garand or M1A1 on the list. And how many .357’s add up to the “manliness” od a .44 ;-)

  14. Sold the S&W 29 in 44 mag this fall. Have a Mosey, have a Remington 870 and a Colt 1911 A from WWII. Does that count as 4 ?

  15. 3. But my son owns a Hakim, which is about as manly as an 8mm rifle can get. 12 pounds of muzzle break 30mph powder filled breeze in your face with every shot. I think it should count as 2, so put me down for 5 total.

  16. I’ve only got two (AK and AR). I’m working on the rest (1911 or 870 might be next).

    I’m surprised the Desert Eagle in .50AE didn’t make the list.

  17. Any list of “manly” guns that omits the Garand, the M14 or M1A or the 1847 Walker or the 1874 Sharps is not a list to be taken seriously.

  18. Two – S&W Model 29, Colt Combat Elite

    Where’s the Winchester lever action (73 or 94)?

  19. I have four; six if any Nagant counts, and five if only carbine-length ones count.

    I think any Mauser should, especially given the way my T-38 makes my shoulder hurt. That would bring me up to nine, with all the Nagants.

    And then there’s the AG-42 and the FAL and the CETME…

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