A Tiger? In Africa?

An AK-47, in Queens?

Three men were murdered in Springfield Gardens Saturday morning in a drive-by shooting with an AK-47 assault rifle. At least 63 shots were fired, and questions are still looming over the incident, including why such a serious weapon was on the streets. The submachine gun was developed in Russia to be used as a military weapon. The 11-pound weapon can fire 600 rounds per minute, or 10 rounds per second.

The ignorance — it burns!

The Assault Weapons Ban, enacted by Bill Clinton during his presidency in 1994, banned automatic and some semiautomatic guns, including AK-47s.

This reporter has clearly been living in a hole when it comes to the gun issue, but yet is writing about it. Unfortunately for us, that hole is New York City. For those who think New Yorkers are these world sophisticated people, no. You will struggle to find people more provincial than you will find in New York City. Many people who live there have hardly ever left.

13 thoughts on “A Tiger? In Africa?”

  1. The article contains errors I never would have noticed reading the article. But this is another fine example of the inept media in these United States. No fact checkers? No editors? No writers doing research? Then again, this reporter is likely at the Queens Chronicle for a reason.

  2. You don’t know how badly I want to explain that tigers are not actually native to Africa, and basically ruin the joke with Monty Python nerdery.

  3. I bet I know exactly why the article is so horribly inaccurate and biased. It’s something I’ve seen before. The writer didn’t actually “write” the article. Kori Tuitt, Chronicle Contributor, just edited a press release from the Brady Group and presented it to the Chronicle as an news article.

    This kind of thing happens more frequently then you might imagine. It’s a function not only of rampant press bias and ignorance, but perhaps even more important it’s a function of press laziness and corruption.

    1. Heh. Apparently Kori Tuitt was an intern at the Queens Chronicle and “an aspiring journalist, thirsty for news and eager to get into the industry.” And now supposedly is “News Editor at the Stony Brook Independent.”

      Here is the person’s blog…


      I guess this means we have a lifetimes worth of this person’s crap adding into the press cesspool.

  4. Who is this ignorant blogger? And are we to worry about every piece of inane opinion to hit the interwebs?

  5. Look at the bright side.

    It actually distinguished full and semi automatic.

    Which is impressive for what is in spirit (and probably in fact) a regurgitated Brady Campaign press release.

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